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First-Time Builder? No Problem! How DIY Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Make Construction Easy

Have you ever thought about putting up a steel building by yourself? Wondering if you can really pull off such a massive DIY project? Well, wonder no more. Building Armstrong Steel’s pre-engineered metal buildings on your own is 100% doable.

Ready for assembly

Traditional construction methods drag on and hit your wallet hard. But with our pre-engineered metal buildings, those days are gone. You can put up these structures three to five times quicker than their traditional counterparts, sidestepping the lengthy waits and high costs.

Our steel structures come ready for assembly—we’ve eliminated the complexity and made them suitable for DIY enthusiasts. These pre-engineered metal buildings also offer speed and flexibility for larger contractors and businesses eager to push their construction projects forward. We design each structure for simplicity, ensuring that anyone can assemble and erect our pre-engineered metal buildings without a hitch.

Armstrong Steel makes assembly straightforward, even for kits packed with custom features. We supply everything you need: a detailed erection guide, complete assembly drawings, and anchor bolt patterns. Our pre-punched, bolt-together pieces and precut, prenumbered parts match up with the drawings, guaranteeing a smooth, efficient build.

Choosing our pre-engineered metal buildings also slashes costs. Our in-house experts design and engineer every component to align perfectly, cutting down assembly costs and making the erection process a breeze, all while padding your savings.

No need for architects

When you choose Armstrong Steel, you’re not just getting a building—you’re getting a fully engineered solution tailored to your needs, no architect required. This approach streamlines the process from concept to completion, so your project stays on budget without compromising on quality or design.

A worry-free investment

While our pre-engineered metal buildings are quick and easy to assemble, we never compromise on quality or durability. Each building is engineered to meet the specific requirements of your site, complying with local codes and load-bearing standards. Our focus on reducing material usage and waste also translates into long-term cost savings.

Our buildings are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, including earthquakes, high winds, heavy rain, and snowfall, making them suitable for a variety of climates and geographical locations. Backed by industry-leading warranties—including a 35-year rust-through perforation warranty for Galvalume-coated roofing, a 50-year warranty for the structural frame, and a 40-year warranty for coatings and paint—our pre-engineered metal buildings guarantee decades of protection for your investment.

Tailored to your vision

Worried that your prefab metal building might end up looking too industrial? Don’t stress. At Armstrong Steel, we understand the importance of aesthetics. This is why our pre-engineered metal buildings can support various wall designs –including stucco, metal panels, brick, and CMU. With metal panels available in various styles, colors, and profiles, you can achieve the ideal roofing or wall application to match your preferences.

What’s more, our pre-engineered metal building systems seamlessly integrate with other construction materials. This means that you can add unique roof styles, architectural features, and other elements to personalize your structure!

Ready for anything

Armstrong Steel offers a range of framing systems, including modular and clearspan options, designed to suit various applications. Whether you’re in need of extra storage space, a manufacturing facility, office space, a retail establishment, a place of worship, agricultural structures, or even a residential home, our metal buildings can meet the challenge.

We design each metal building with minimal interior columns, providing flexibility in interior layout. Whether you require space for equipment storage, indoor sports activities, or hosting large gatherings, our buildings can be tailored to your specific needs.

Furthermore, we accommodate larger door openings, making our prefab metal buildings perfect for storing aircraft, farm equipment, or any large machinery. These structures are not bound by size limitations. They can also be used as retail spaces, offices, and storage areas. And because they’re designed with future expansions in mind, there are endless possibilities in terms of width and length extensions.

Cost-effective construction

Armstrong Steel’s prefab metal buildings are synonymous with efficiency and can help minimize the risk of construction delays. You can confidently proceed with construction without worrying about unexpected expenses. This predictability in construction timelines and budgets can make your building process much more financially manageable.

Furthermore, these structures offer substantial long-term financial benefits by reducing heating and cooling costs. Unlike traditional wood-frame structures, pre-engineered metal buildings excel at maintaining interior temperatures regardless of external weather conditions. You won’t need as much heating in winter or cooling in summer, so you can expect your electricity costs to decrease significantly. This energy efficiency translates into considerable cost savings over time. This is why metal buildings are an economical choice not only during construction but also for long-term maintenance and operational expenses.

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