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Growing Popularity of Metal Building Home Kits with Armstrong Steel’s Signature Designs

Growing Popularity of Metal Building Home Kits with Armstrong Steel’s Signature Designs

More and more people are seeing the advantages of metal homes, making residential metal building home kits one of the fastest-growing trends in real estate. These kits—especially our sleek barndominiums—offer a mix of affordability and customization that’s hard to beat compared to traditional housing. Here are the biggest reasons behind their soaring popularity and how they might just be the perfect fit for you.

Why metal homes are winning hearts

  • Customization at its best – Wood-framed houses often fall short when it comes to freedom of design due to structural limitations. This is not a problem with residential metal building home kits. Thanks to sturdy metal beams, it’s possible to create vast open spaces without worrying about interior columns. Armstrong Steel can pair you with factory designers to turn your vision into reality. This customization is one of the many advantages of our residential metal building home kits.
  • Say goodbye to high maintenance – If you’re not a fan of spending extra time and money on home repairs, you’ll appreciate the low-maintenance lifestyle that residential metal building home kits The robust steel exterior of these homes makes upkeep easy. A simple power wash and occasional cleaning of the gutters are all it takes to keep your home in top shape.
  • Built to last – Durability is in the DNA of metal. Choosing a residential metal building home kit means investing in a home designed to weather the elements. Steel outperforms concrete in the cold, shrugs off termites, stands strong against earthquakes, and offers excellent fire resistance. This resilience makes residential metal building home kits a smart pick for anyone looking for a home that lasts.
  • Spatial flexibility – For those who are dreaming of open and adaptable living spaces, metal homes are a dream come true. The ease and affordability of tweaking the layout puts metal homes in a league of their own.
  • Your budget will thank you – Affordability is another huge advantage of residential metal building home kits. They’re a steal compared to traditional homes. This price advantage opens the door to homeownership for those watching their wallets.
  • Speedy setup – Prefabricated and ready to go, these homes cut down on the lengthy construction times and costs associated with traditional custom homes. Why wait when you can start living in your new home sooner?

Order your residential metal building home kits from Armstrong Steel.

Ready to build your dream home? Armstrong Steel offers residential metal building home kits that blend timeless designs with affordability. Our steel buildings stand out for their exceptional quality, so you can enjoy them for a lifetime and more.

Our expert team is on hand to bring your forever home to life. Steel buildings are not only versatile for home conversion but also offer a cost-effective solution in today’s market. We specialize in designing open, unrestricted spaces for maximum floor plan flexibility. Thanks to our clear span designs, you can use the full interior height for any purpose.

With steel, you’re not limited in your choice of exterior or interior finishes. We design structures to support a variety of wall and roof designs—from CMU and stucco to brick, shingles, and metal panels—so your home doesn’t end up looking industrial. Our passionate team is eager to help you turn your dream into reality.

Proudly American made

Our Colorado plant is home to skilled professionals in every area of manufacturing. We also provide training on advanced machinery, investing in Colorado’s workforce and technological leadership. Choosing Armstrong Steel means investing in quality, innovation, and the future of American manufacturing.

Our commitment to quality and innovation

By embracing the latest in pre-engineered metal building design and manufacturing technologies, Armstrong Steel steers clear of outdated methods used by other companies. Our modern designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing deliver buildings that are not only visually appealing but also quick to erect and tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Our engineering and detailing department sets industry standards with its commitment to timely, high-quality design and engineering services. With over 150 years of combined experience, our teams excel in creating stunning, easy-to-erect building systems and clear, detailed plans. They ensure every project meets tight deadlines and your exact specifications.

Tailored to you

We don’t deal in off-the-shelf “clearance” buildings. Every Armstrong Steel building is custom-fabricated, with lead times varying by project.

We’re committed to getting your building to you as efficiently as possible, so we offer various delivery and pickup options to suit your timeline and budget. Our dedication to customer service and superior products keeps our customers coming back.

Start designing your dream home.

Get in touch to kick off the design process for your dream home. Whether you opt for one of our many pre-designed size and layout options or customize your building, we’re here to make your vision come true.

Talk to a steel building expert today.

Ready to take the next step? Call us at 1-866-927-4083 to speak with a steel building expert and begin creating your Armstrong Steel home.