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Convince your Clients to Remodel in the Winter

Convince your Clients to Remodel in the Winter

You already know winter is traditionally a slow time in the construction industry. You’ve lived it, and you’ve explored how to make money when the weather turns cold. You’ve experienced peaks and valleys throughout the year, and hopefully that’s been enough to sustain your business. But if it hasn’t been, how do you go about getting your clients to schedule their remodeling in the winter? Spring and summer are the ideal times to schedule a home remodeling project. However, you can still spruce up a home when Old Man Winter checks into your town.

First of all, the reason people like to schedule remodeling projects in the summer is because they don’t want to be confined by the weather. In the wintertime, it’s a great time to focus on interior updates and repairs, projects that aren’t hampered by the snow. If your clients are considering a home or steel building remodeling project, tell them why the winter season might be the best time to start their project.


Because there aren’t a lot of people remodeling at the end of the year, there are a lot of contractors looking for work. That means more individual time with each client to hammer out all the details. A big selling point: you might even be able to get the work done faster by focusing on one job instead of several at a time.


Explain to your potential customer they can schedule most interior remodels during the winter as long as there is sufficient planning involved. Knock out painting, bathroom and kitchen remodels, flooring work, replacing cabinetry and updating lighting on a schedule that fits the consumer. Customers tend to connect more with contractors who keep them ‘in the loop’ of the project. Based on both of your schedules, you’ll have the time to make an important bond with the consumer, which could lead to a referral and more business down the road. If your client is a snowbird and likes to travel south for the winter, you’ll be able to get the work completed without disrupting their life, and they’ll return to a renovation in time to enjoy it.


It’s to the customer’s advantage to get several bids in a buyer’s market. The price usually goes down and, as a contractor, you have the option to offer seasonal incentives to win those bids. Manufacturers also tend to increase prices in the spring simply because of demand. During the winter, those same manufacturers might come up with special offers to get rid of their excess inventory. By the same token, look for low cost projects so owners don’t need financing or home equity lines. Make it easier for them to say, “yes.”

Added Value

We all know remodeling a home can help add value. Replacing old doors and windows generally yield a better financial return than other additions. These projects can easily be completed quickly in the winter months, especially your clients are planning on selling their home. In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value report of 2014, a new front door was a top choice when it comes to home remodels, adding on average nearly 97% of the amount you spend to the value of your home. It improves security and offers greater energy efficiency.

Stay busy this winter! Most people want more space, and they want the work done now so they can enjoy it come springtime. Tell them a steel building might perfectly fit their needs! Everyone has different priorities, but make sure to tell your potential clients not to wait for your busiest season to schedule their next project. There are many reasons to get the project done now!

Photo courtesy: Jasonwoodhead23