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Get Your Mother-In-Law Out of the House with A Prefab Steel Building

Has your mother-in-law moved in and taken over the house? Time to build your mother-in-law her own house! Start with a prefab metal building and turn it into a place your mother-in-law can call her own, without having to leave the safety and security that comes with living in close proximity to you.

When you build her a house, your mom-in-law will still be close enough to help take care of the grandkids or call for help if she needs it. Best of all, she is out of your hair and on her own turf.

The options are endless. “Granny Flats” are built to your own specifications. Want a small, loft-style room, detached from the house or a larger, 1-2 bedroom house? Add a suite on top of the garage, given mom-in-law can handle stairs. Mother-in-law houses are traditionally fairly small, and act more like an extension of your existing home.

Stay happy with your mother-in-law living with your family. When given the freedom of her own ‘home’, your mother-in-law will feel like she is still close to you, but she will be able to enjoy her own space. If your mother-in-law is elderly and needs help around the house, you will still be close enough to take care of all of her needs, at any hour.

Of course, mother-in-law homes aren’t just for moms, they’re for grandparents too. Many families in bigger cities such as San Francisco are buying large properties as a family, adding a smaller prefab metal building in the backyard and turning it into a cottage for the grandparents. Buying a larger property as a family means the family stays together and the price of the house is more affordable.

237799042_504ff3b11d_zMake your mother-in-law house as comfortable as you possibly can. Include a bathroom and kitchenette in the new area so that grandma feels like she has her own space. Create a little physical space between both of you so that you also feel like you have your own space to escape to when you need it. A mother-in-law house will place physical distance between yourself and your mother-in-law and give you both the emotional distance you need from each other when you need to step away.

If you like to plan ahead, use your mother-in-law home as a guest house for now. This way, Mom knows she always has the option to come and live with you, should she need to, but she won’t feel the pressure to move in right away.

Take a serious look at the benefits of building a prefab metal building to use as a mother-in-law home. This solution will keep all parties in good health as well as good spirits. It will keep your kids around their grandparents, give your parents peace of mind if they need help and will allow all of you to be a closer-knit family.

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Photo courtesy: oosoom, Allan Ferguson

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