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Increase Your Web Traffic This Halloween

Increase Your Web Traffic This Halloween

In some cases, constant web traffic can be the difference between a successful small business and a failure. Obviously retail costume companies experience a big bump in traffic this time of year, but your small business can drive customers to your custom steel building AND your website by harnessing the power of the holidays. Don’t be afraid of Halloween! It’s time to capture the spirit of the holiday and bring some of that action to your site. Switch up your marketing strategies and frighten the competition with these eerie tips.

Integrate the holiday into your product

Is it possible to give your product a holiday theme? Even though Halloween is a holiday for kids, businesses use ideas to put their customers at ease. It’s so deeply rooted in our culture and it’s something relatable to everyone. For example, some restaurants create Halloween shaped food, and retail stores release products that feature more orange and black options. Share this content on your website. Can you change or incorporate the holiday into your logo? Your logo identifies you to consumers, and it’s one of the first things people think about when someone mentions your brand. When you integrate Halloween into your brand, it’s a fun way to get customers to remember you.

Offer holiday specials

Focus your product on holiday specials. Free shipping is always a ‘go-to’ promotion for businesses come holiday season. Specials are an easy way to drive people to your online content. Offer freebies if they complete an online order, or include a ticket with their in-store purchase for a special offer on their next purchase if they redeem a code on the web. Many small businesses use reward systems that require you to go to their specific website to register or retrieve information at the point of sale. Offer this treat to patrons – no tricks involved.

Reach out

Now that you’re thinking of holiday specials, you need a way to reach your customer. Email blast campaigns work well, but its time to step up the frequency during the holidays to edge out your competition in your customer’s inbox. Try to become mobile ready as well. Just about everyone has a smartphone these days and according to a Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers annual Internet Trends report, people check their smartphones 150 times per day! You need to be a part of those views. Think about a Halloween-themed app to interact with clients and businesses. Make sure your website has a mobile platform and provides users the ability to easily navigate those pages.

Mix in social media

It’s a free way to engage potential customers, and you can create lots of different opportunities for your small business. Encourage people to post pictures of themselves at costume parties, or create your own online costume contest! Start a blog and show your commitment to posting quality content that people enjoy reading. The possibilities are endless.

Some of these ideas can work for any holiday! What type of planning do you have in mind for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah? What do you do to set your small business apart during the holiday season?

Photo courtesy: DeusXFlorida