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Introducing The World of Custom Metal Buildings and Their Endless Possibilities

Introducing The World of Custom Metal Buildings and Their Endless Possibilities

Today’s businesses and homeowners are increasingly choosing custom metal buildings to build quickly and cost-effectively. They turn to manufacturers like us for prefabricated steel building systems, which we customize with their design intent and unique requirements in mind.

Here at Armstrong Steel, we guarantee the most durable and efficient solutions that allow you to build anything from homes to commercial establishments, equestrian facilities, industrial buildings, warehouses, athletic centers, and churches. Our ability to innovate and commitment to constant design improvements make us stand out from other metal building manufacturers in the US. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about the quality, longevity, and long-term value of your custom metal structure.

For years, we at Armstrong Steel Building Systems have been customizing and providing high-performance metal structures to a wide range of clients. We have supplied commercial steel buildings to businesses like strip malls, vehicle dealerships, medical clinics, retail stores, and restaurants. We also offer the best selection of custom metal homes, including barndominiums, which offer flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-expand living spaces for modern homeowners.

Are you new to custom metal buildings and are unsure if they’re the right choice for you? In this blog, we will talk about what they are along with their endless possibilities. We hope our introduction to these structures can drive you to make an informed building decision, whether you need one for your business or personal use.

A growing industry

The metal building industry is among the fastest growing today, thanks to the possibilities driven by economic growth. The increasing demand for custom metal buildings also reflects the health of the local construction market. As more businesses look for ways to emerge or expand cost-effectively and quickly, steel structures will continue to be preferred over traditional building methods.

In addition, more stakeholders are recognizing the reliable performance, cost-efficiency, and flexibility of custom metal buildings for many applications. Even the government is building offices, community and recreation centers, and education facilities with steel.

At Armstrong Steel, our extensive experience and expertise have positioned us as leaders in providing tailored metal solutions for diverse needs, including churches, barns, storage, equestrian facilities, and aircraft hangars.

Discover the possibilities of steel buildings

As seasoned prefabricated steel building manufacturers, we know our products’ endless possibilities and benefits. Below are more reasons to choose our custom metal buildings over traditional construction:

Worry-free structures, regardless of the season

Our steel-frame systems are strong enough to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and snow. Plus, they eliminate the need to worry about termites and wood rot. When we make buildings, we coat the steel roof panels with Galvalume, the aluminum compound that increases their lifespan by preventing rusting. If you live in a wildfire-prone area or your business involves working with flammable substances, you can have more peace of mind knowing your custom metal building is non-combustible and won’t burn down quickly.

Custom metal buildings have rigid steel frames, which are more efficient to insulate than wood-frame structures. This means extra energy efficiency and comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. Additionally, you can enjoy lower cooling and heating costs.


Our pre-engineered metal structures are designed for maximum flexibility. With minimal to no interior columns, you get a wide-open space that can adapt to your specific needs. Whether you require storage for large equipment, a space for group activities, or a workshop for vehicles or aircraft, these buildings can handle it all.

The generous open design allows for easy installation of lifts and dedicated work zones, making them perfect for both workshops and garages. We take this versatility even further for aviation and agricultural applications. The larger door openings also ensure compatibility with overhead, sliding, or rolling doors. This simplifies the process of moving oversized equipment in and out of your building, maximizing its functionality.


Unlike traditional steel structures that can often have a warehouse aesthetic, our custom metal buildings can be tailored to seamlessly blend with your vision.

Our skilled building consultants will work closely with you to create the perfect look for both the interior and exterior.  We can incorporate virtually any construction material into your building’s design. Metal panels, concrete masonry units (CMU), shingles, brick, or stucco — the choice is yours.

Our prefabricated steel structures also come in a vast array of sizes to accommodate any length, width, or height requirement. This ensures your building perfectly suits your needs. What’s more, every structure is meticulously engineered to adhere to your local building codes and load requirements. This ensures your custom metal building is not only stylish but also structurally sound.


Traditional construction typically takes at least two months to complete. Armstrong Steel Building Systems allow you to build quickly and cost-effectively. We engineer your custom building in-house to ensure every part is specific to your requirements and ready to assemble and erect when delivered to your site.

We supply custom assembly drawings, a detailed erection guide, and anchor bolt patterns with every structure we make to take the guesswork out of installing them. Moreover, we have pre-cut and numbered most components, so all you have to do is check the drawings to put them together.

Our custom metal buildings won’t just save you time and construction costs. They can reduce your labor costs, too. Armstrong Steel Building Systems are pre-engineered and meticulously designed by our in-house experts to fit together seamlessly and simplify assembly. Just be sure you have a dependable contractor to help assemble and erect your structure correctly and safely.

Experience the possibilities of steel buildings.

Is this your first time customizing a metal building? We’ll be glad to help! Start by requesting a custom quote from our experts here. You may also call 1-800-345-4610 to discuss your needs with us before placing your order. Rest assured, your custom metal building from Armstrong Steel will be a worry-free project. We also provide the longest guarantees in our industry, such as 40-year paint, 35-year roof, and 50-year structural warranties, to give you more confidence in our structures.