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Maximizing ROI: The Economic Benefits of Pre-Engineered Commercial Buildings

Maximizing ROI: The Economic Benefits of Pre-Engineered Commercial Buildings

Pre-engineered metal commercial buildings are increasingly chosen by business owners for a variety of applications, including shopping malls, offices, retail stores, medical clinics, restaurants, and car dealerships. These structures offer flexibility, durability, and cost efficiency, making them a preferred choice. With robust Armstrong Steel Building Systems, clients not only save money but also maximize their return on investment over time.

How can your business benefit from commercial metal buildings?

  • Custom design and build

Choosing a pre-engineered metal building means having more options to customize the structure to meet your specific aesthetic and functional requirements. This can benefit your branding efforts and ensure that your facility reflects your company’s unique character. At Armstrong Steel, we have a seasoned team of building consultants who will work with you and listen to your needs so we can incorporate the features you want.
Are you worried about your building looking like a warehouse or feeling too industrial for your taste? Our pre-engineered metal commercial buildings are easy to incorporate with other construction materials. They support many roof and wall designs and materials, including stucco, CMU, metal panels, shingles, and brick. Additionally, you can request specific colors or styles, and we’ll do our best to provide them and create a one-of-a-kind structure that perfectly represents your business.

  • Waste-free building process

    At Armstrong Steel, we design and build your pre-engineered metal commercial building in-house to avoid residual waste and to make sure you pay only for the materials we use. This also allows us to specifically engineer every piece of your custom structure to meet your local codes and loads to prevent excessive material usage.

  • Save on labor costs.

    Pre-engineered metal commercial buildings consist of parts designed to fit together seamlessly. We ship these structures with detailed assembly drawings, anchor bolt patterns, and a comprehensive erection guide to help streamline assembly and reduce installation time.
    With Armstrong Steel, you don’t have to second-guess the process of assembling your pre-engineered metal building. All major connections are already pre-punched and ready to bolt together. Plus, we pre-cut most components and number them accordingly, so you just have to check your drawings to see how to put them together. These characteristics also help you save money by minimizing the need to hire too many laborers to assemble your building.
    And because your building is manufactured off-site, you don’t have to worry about significant disruptions to your operations. After completing the fabrication, we ship everything directly to your site, which is ready to be erected.

Long-term economic benefits

Pre-engineered metal commercial buildings can also save you money in the long run. Here’s how they can maximize your ROI, even after assembly and installation:

  • Low-maintenance structures

    Unlike traditional wood construction, steel-frame commercial buildings require minimal maintenance because they don’t easily succumb to costly damages from termites, mold, and moisture. Armstrong Steel Building Systems are proven durable and strong enough to stand up to any natural event, including earthquakes, high winds, heavy rains, and excessive snowfall. Plus, we coat the steel roof panels with an aluminum compound (Galvalume) to increase their lifespan and prevent rusting.

  • Worry-free protection for your assets

    Are you worried about fire destroying your facility? Our pre-engineered metal commercial buildings are non-combustible and won’t easily burn down. This can be advantageous if you’re in an area where wildfires may be common or when your business deals with flammable substances.

  • Energy efficiency

    Rigid-frame metal buildings are easier and more effective to insulate than wood-frame structures, leading to better energy efficiency that can bring more savings on cooling and heating costs. When designing and constructing our buildings, we provide optimal space in the walls that allow you to install high-quality insulation.

  • Expandable

    As your business grows, so should your facility. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time on renovations or building a new structure when you choose our pre-engineered metal commercial buildings. Our structures can have different framing systems, such as clear-span or modular, making them easy to expand and accommodate additions and remodels quickly and cost-effectively. Armstrong Steel Building Systems simplifies future expansions with our virtually infinite options for length and width extensions.

Design your dream commercial structure.

Our experienced in-house project managers and building consultants will work closely with you to make sure you are investing in a pre-engineered steel commercial structure that meets your needs. Whether expanding or building a facility for the first time, you can count on our expertise, craftsmanship, and quality to optimize your ROI. We also stand behind our work by providing decades-long warranties for the structure, paint, and roof for your peace of mind.

The economical choice for any business

Our pre-engineered metal commercial buildings are the budget-friendly option for many business owners and organizations, including schools, churches, farmers, and municipalities. We have extensive experience in customizing these structures for any client, and by choosing us, you can maximize your investment for construction and get a durable, flexible, and reliable space that will serve you for many years.

Get a quote for our pre-engineered metal commercial buildings today and see how much your business can save with Armstrong Steel. Submit our online quotation form to design and price your building in minutes, or call 1-800-345-4610 to speak with one of our building consultants.