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Exploring the Versatility of Metal Buildings: Residential, Commercial, and Beyond

Exploring the Versatility of Metal Buildings: Residential, Commercial, and Beyond

What image do you see when you think of metal buildings? Most people picture industrial facilities, garages, aircraft hangars, and self-storage facilities. Imagine their surprise when we show them that we can design and build these structures for a variety of uses beyond the expected, including homes, farms, and recreational areas. That’s how versatile Armstrong Steel Building Systems can be.

We have years of expertise in designing and building these structures for many applications and have proudly become one of America’s top steel building manufacturers. Our steel buildings — with their durable and resilient framing systems — offer many benefits that make them appealing to businesses and homeowners who want flexible, spacious, modern, and stylish structures.

At Armstrong Steel, we offer endless possibilities to customize metal buildings to create the perfect home or facility that reflects your lifestyle, needs, brand, or personality. Do you want your home or commercial center to have a flexible layout, with larger windows to bring in more natural light, or showcase your surrounding landscape’s views? We can design and build your steel structure to meet those needs. Plus, we can incorporate any construction material and modify your interior and exterior spaces in such a way that your building looks less industrial if you wish.

Exploring the flexibility of a metal building

Armstrong Steel specializes in custom pre-engineered metal buildings with minimal or no interior columns, offering you a layout that’s versatile enough for any use. Whether it’s housing large machinery, hosting events, or incorporating features like lifts, mezzanines, stairs, or partitions for specialized spaces, our buildings provide the spacious and adaptable environment you need for any function.

Larger door openings

Another advantage of a metal building is it can accommodate larger door openings. Whether you need sliding, overhead, or rolling doors, our design team will make it happen. Oversized openings make sense if you plan to use your structure as a storage facility or warehouse. These openings also meet aviation and agricultural requirements for moving and securing large aircraft or farming vehicles, tools, equipment, crops, and livestock.


Armstrong Steel metal buildings are very versatile for any application because we can make them with different framing systems, like modular and clear-span. Our steel building systems are applicable in many designs, from retail to offices, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.


Our pre-engineered steel building systems come in virtually any size to meet your length, width, and height requirements according to your situation and requirements. Plus, they are easy to incorporate with other construction materials, so we can make your structure look exactly as you envision it. Our building consultants and engineering team will make sure your building won’t look too industrial if you don’t want it to be that way.

Easy to expand

Do you need vast spaces inside your building? This is difficult to achieve in a traditional wood construction. Metal buildings can be expansive and have uninterrupted interior space, especially with a clear-span framing system. This means future expansions will be easier and cost-effective, as your building will come with endless length and width extension options.

What can you build with steel?

With us as your builder, you can design and craft any structure with steel. Armstrong Steel Building Systems are trusted by millions of Americans to build their churches, houses, airplane hangars, commercial facilities, office buildings, ice skating rinks, and much more. Our custom design options allow us to make any building for you, such as:

Homes or barndominiums

Are you building a house? Our metal buildings are quick and easy to assemble and erect. We supply you with detailed assembly drawings, anchor bolt patterns, and a straightforward building guide. All major connections feature pre-punched holes, simplifying the process to just bolting them together and speeding up the entire construction process.

Armstrong Steel barndominiums and metal homes can support all roof and wall designs, including metal panels, brick, CMU, shingles, and stucco. Our team also meticulously cuts and numbers most components to easily correspond with the custom drawings.


An Armstrong Steel metal workshop building can be a valuable addition to your business or private property. We can customize your structure with spaces for woodworking, welding, lifts, and equipment storage. We offer several color options, roof styles, architectural features, ceiling heights, door styles, and other choices that will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind building.

Churches and religious buildings

We have been supplying metal buildings to churches and religious groups for almost two decades now. These customers appreciate the affordable, durable, and adaptable steel structures we customize to suit their congregation’s unique needs.

Recreational facilities

Private organizations, churches, schools, and cities order metal buildings from us to take advantage of our structures’ clear-span layouts for building indoor athletic facilities and recreation centers. Allow us to design your steel recreational building in any style, profile, or color to reflect your business or group.

Animal stables or barns

Our metal structures are perfect for expandable and spacious equestrian facilities, stables, or barns, and they are more durable and long-lasting than traditional wood structures. Ask us about custom designs for animal shelters, indoor riding arenas, and other needs.

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