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How to Pick the Best Steel Building Erector in 4 Easy Steps

How to Pick the Best Steel Building Erector in 4 Easy Steps

When you decide to buy a steel building, there are many important steps you must take to ensure you get the building of your dreams. If you decide to build a garage or workshop, you might want to erect the building yourself. But if this is a huge project, then one of the most crucial elements of your steel building project is finding an erector.

For your benefit, I might suggest a builder to complete your project. But that is only one option. You have the final say in determining who will erect your building. Remember, who is hired for your project is just as important as how the job is done.

Do Your Homework

Most steel building erection problems arise because of the scope of a project, and an erector might not have the experience in managing projects of a certain size. Make sure that the individual or company is knowledgeable enough to take on the enormity of your project, and that they have erected steel buildings in the past. A qualified erector, one who has been in the business of erecting steel buildings for a number of years, has run into every type of problem imaginable. On top of that, they know how to fix every problem, as well. Erectors with less experience could be vulnerable to more complications that could cause some serious delays.

Check References and Reviews

If you would like to see an example of the kind of work an erector is capable of, then it’s your responsibility to look into the erector’s resume. What projects have they worked on, and what did the customer think of construction? Don’t ever hire an erector that won’t supply you with references!

Obtain a list of contact information from a few of the erector’s previous jobs. steel buildingDid their customers leave any positive or negative reviews online? When looking at the steel building erector’s file, seek out, at minimum, one recent project, and one older project and compare the two. A comparison could show how the contractor got worse, improved or stayed the same with time. Was the work completed in a fashion that’s acceptable to you? Moreover, do you like it? Be sure that the craftsmanship was suitable for your taste and confirm that every problem was addressed correctly, and prove that a solution was found. It also might not be a bad idea to ask about projects the builder is involved in now. Visit the site, and speak with the owner. You’ll be able to see any red flags right away.

Check Licenses

Just as you would check an erector or contractor references and reviews, verify that the contractor is licensed in your state or municipality. An erector might be expected to keep a valid license to build. Keep in mind that not every state or area requires builders to be licensed, but it’s a good idea to select ones that are. A list of licensed contractors and builders should be available at your county’s planning and zoning offices.

Proposal and Contract

I’ve heard horror stories from different people making the mistake of not getting multiple quotes from builders, but I wouldn’t say that’s the biggest error you can make. 5958290241_bdfaf31bd9_mThat’s why I always tell everyone to go over your contract with a fine-tooth comb. It’s worth it! Be aware of any services excluded from the contract. Basically, avoid anything that is lumped all together. ‘Extraneous’ costs can double or triple if they are not sufficiently spelled out on a contract.

Many problems can arise from just accepting an erector without doing your research. Since every steel building is customized to the user’s needs, I suggest different builders for different projects. By sticking to these guidelines, you’ll get many years of happy memories with your steel building!

Photo courtesy: Wayne National Forest, USACE