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Pre-engineered Metal Building Project Management Trends

Every day I get calls from customers who are excited to take the next step in the steel building process. It’s a lot of fun to focus my attention on each venture, ultimately helping each individual person see their dreams become a reality. In fact, the true beauty of Armstrong Steel metal building kits is exemplified by their versatility and flexibility.

Because of that, you have a ton of options when it comes to your steel building project. Now, a pre-engineered metal building has its limits, but can serve almost any purpose on your property. Everyday, we hear from folks coming up with new ideas and ways to build fantasy workshops, garages, barns, sports arenas, or gymnasiums.

But some people don’t know where to begin. They know they want a steel building, but don’t know how to maximize its use. That’s where a Project Manager’s expertise is most useful. There are a lot of trends in the industry that people might not know about, but can apply to their steel building.


Did you know a pre-engineered building is a great permanent residence? Many of our current and past customers have used their steel building as a living solution. It’s becoming more and more popular, and definitely worth a mention. So often, pre-engineered metal buildings aren’t thought of as personal or family domiciles. Builders take advantage of many significant benefits of building with steel over traditional wood frame or brick and mortar construction for their homes. Steel buildings offer stronger frame construction and have an aversion to pests, mold, and rot. With people intent on improving the environment, builders turn to steel because it’s considered a ‘green’ product. It can be recycled and used to create more steel at the end of its life cycle, which can be upwards of 60 years or more.

Agricultural Buildings

Drive down any county highway or dirt road, and you’ll most likely run into an old wooden barn that just plain fell apart. Farming communities and families are getting wise about building with wood, and making the smart transition to steel buildings. It’s been aBarn-19 growing trend for the past several years. Clear Span framing allows for easy storage of combines and tractors with no wasted space on the inside. You can’t afford to have your brand new harvester out in the open, or exposed to the elements in a wooden, decaying barn. Pre-engineered metal buildings are the perfect structure for animal shelters and feed storage as well. Several equestrian groups use pre-engineered steel buildings for horseback riding arenas; and commercial farmers might build hangars for small crop dusting aircraft.


While it may sound like I made up this word, a Barndominium is a great solution for people who can’t decide between a residential and agricultural steel building. Trying to pick between a barn and a condominium? Two structures have the potential to be expensive, so why not use our in-house engineering and design department to really get what you want? One of our customers in Texas decided she wanted storage and livestock space with comfortable living quarters, and Armstrong Steel designed and delivered a unique Barndominium. She’s not the only person with a prepared vision. Barndominiums are popping up all over the country and are popular among those who want options without the hassle of doing everything twice.

Solar Power

In another effort to ‘go green,’ more and more people are turning to alternative energy. Solar panels and shingles are available to harness the power of the sun and turn it into sustainable energy for your pre-engineered steel building. During the design phase of your project, ask your project manager if you intend on adding solar panels or solar air and water heating systems. These systems will impact the weight and design of your building, so the engineers need to know this information as they are drawing up the plans to your pre-engineered metal building.

While these have been the most popular designs and trends among recent customers, there are many more types of steel buildings from which to choose. Check out our gallery to see which category is right for you, and then give a steel building expert a call!

 Photo courtesy: Jeremy Levine Design, Keoni Cabral