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Relocate Your Business Before It’s Too Late

I guess you could say it was a ritual of sorts. Every time I drove in and out of the town I used to live in, I’d have to pass by an old sign shop, right off the highway. I’m sure you’ve seen these little shops around your town. They’re everywhere throughout the country. This particular little wood shop wasn’t any different than the others, I imagine. It must have specialized in some really cool designs and logos for hot rods, businesses, and trucks. I never went into the shop, but I always recognized it every time I passed by it. Sometimes at night, you could make out the glow from the shop’s several neon signs in the distance, growing brighter in your windshield on approach, almost as if it were the unofficial ‘welcome sign’ to the town entrance.

A few months ago, I got the opportunity to head back to my little hometown. I jumped in the car, and made the hundred-mile trek back to pay a visit to my extended family. As I got closer to my destination, I felt an odd sensation. The landmark I always saw – the little sign shop – was a shell of its former self. I hardly recognized it. Run down and decaying, it barely looked like it should be standing. Honestly, saying the building was ‘standing’ is a very generous statement.

I later found out the owner was practically forced to relocate if he wanted to keep his business alive. I don’t think this situation should have to happen to anyone. In all actuality, it doesn’t have to happen at all.

If steel prices are low, it might be a good time to relocate your business now. Think about it – you want your business to last just as long as you do, and with the structural warranties steel building providers offer, they will. In fact, one of the defining features of a steel building is it doesn’t require much maintenance. Focus on running your small business, not worrying how many years you can still get out of your current construction.

06Do your research when you plan for your new building. You’ll want an extremely durable structure, something that has long been used in commercial and residential construction projects. Steel structures aren’t vulnerable to rot, decay, or termites. Since it’s not an organic product, it won’t entice any type of pest. These pests can be a huge detriment to wood buildings. And unlike wood framed structures, steel won’t warp or split with age.

In what part of the country do you live? Do you live in a disaster zone, or an area that has extreme weather? Because of precise engineering, steel buildings have the ability to resist most of what Mother Nature throws at them. No matter what type of business you decide to run inside your steel building, it’ll be protected. During the engineering process, engineers look at snow, wind, and seismic loads, and plan for each building to withstand the forces of nature.

Maybe our story struck a chord with you. If you’re the owner of a business, much like the sign shop I told you about earlier, there’s still hope. There are a ton of benefits to relocating on your terms, instead of waiting on your current structure to collapse and force an unwanted move.

What kind of business do you run? Do you own a sign shop, auto repair shop, or tint store? Or do you rent your building? Maybe it’s time to relocate. Choose a steel building provider that lets you work with a project manager in the design phase, pick out your add-ons and accessories, and tailor the building to your exact provisions. Will you need multiple man doors, or how about several overhead doors to keep a steady stream of vehicles coming in and out of your business? Make sure you have plenty of uninterrupted space with room to make repairs, or navigate around other employees. Will you have need of extra office space, as well as room to work?

I know you might not want to, ‘upset the applecart.’ I understand relocating can be a huge hassle, something of which you don’t willingly choose to do often. Now that you have a choice in the matter, choose to move and pick a structure can be erected in days, or even weeks. Since a steel building costs less than conventional construction, you’ll be able to pour your extra profits into your business, and concentrate on hiring more employees and making more of your product or expanding your services.

Don’t be like the sign shop owner, and be forced to relocate before it’s too late.

Photo courtesy: Matt