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Steel Frame Home Revolution: Why Steel Buildings Are Becoming the Best Choice

Steel Frame Home Revolution: Why Steel Buildings Are Becoming the Best Choice

When building a home, your choice of materials can influence the project’s longevity, success, and long-term value. At Armstrong Steel, we encourage the use of steel for its unmatched flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and durability. While steel-frame commercial buildings are commonly seen in industrial settings, warehouses, and modern offices, they also translate beautifully into residential structures.

In this blog, we will share why steel buildings make excellent modern homes and how we transform these structures into comfortable and stylish residences. We will also highlight their benefits and address misconceptions.

Not just for commercial and industrial structures

At Armstrong Steel, we have been building custom prefabricated steel buildings for various applications for many years now. Our experience makes us confident in the qualities of a steel frame commercial building and how they can benefit homeowners. Here are some of the qualities that make our structures the ideal choice for your dream home:

Durability and strength

Steel is undeniably strong and durable, making it ideal for many construction projects, including homes. These qualities ensure a robust, long-lasting, and worry-free house that can withstand severe weather conditions — including torrential winds, heavy rain, snowfall, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Plus, the material resists mold, pests, and fire, even with minimal maintenance.

As your metal building fabricator, we even take steps to guarantee the longevity and durability of our steel buildings. We can coat the steel roof panels with Galvalume for optimum rust prevention and provide the following warranties to add to your peace of mind:

  • 50-year structural warranty
  • 40-year paint warranty
  • 35-year rust-through-perforation roof warranty


A steel frame commercial building might require a significant investment, but it promises long-term savings. Because it’s durable, your home will need less maintenance over its long lifespan, leading to more savings. Plus, we pre-engineer every component in-house to ensure everything is ready to assemble and erect when they reach your construction site. This reduces labor costs and speeds up project timelines.

Build faster and move in sooner.

Time is money in any construction project. By using steel to build a home, you can significantly minimize construction times. This is because all components are pre-fabricated, making them easy and quick to assemble on-site with minimal labor. Just be sure to hire a dependable and experienced metal building contractor to assist you.

At Armstrong Steel, we provide comprehensive assembly drawings, a detailed erection guide, and anchor bolt patterns with every steel frame commercial building. Moreover, we meticulously pre-punch, cut, and number all bolt-together connections and components for quicker assembly.


Are you worried about your steel home looking like an industrial building? The good news is steel is highly flexible and allows more design freedom without sacrificing structural integrity. Plus, our in-house building consultants will work closely with you to design your dream home. Whether you want a modern or traditional aesthetic, our structures welcome any architectural style.

Every steel frame commercial building we build can support all exterior and interior finishes. If you wish to use specific roof or wall designs like shingles, stucco, CMU, brick, or metal panels, tell us, and we will make sure your structure supports your desired materials.


Steel-frame buildings are fabricated under strictly controlled conditions to ensure consistency and optimum results. They are also fire-resistant and stand up to harsh weather, making them safer to use as dwellings.


A common misconception about using steel to build a home is it won’t be comfortable for modern living. At Armstrong Steel, our rigid steel frame structures can be insulated more effectively than a wood structure, resulting in better energy efficiency. This increases comfort indoors while saving on cooling and heating costs.

With proper insulation techniques and materials, our steel frame commercial building can be just as energy-efficient and comfortable as structures made from wood. Plus, steel construction allows for tighter seals for enhanced energy efficiency and insulation than traditional materials.

Expand and renovate easily.

Some believe that steel buildings are very limited in design and architecture. However, we can prove these structures are far from industrial-looking and boxy. Plus, our clear-span and modular designs simplify expansions in case you need more living space in the future. Steel allows endless options for length or width extensions and ensures a quick and cost-effective project.

No waste

Building a home with traditional materials often results in waste. This is because these materials are cut and processed on-site, resulting in excessive material usage and labor that add to your project cost. Meanwhile, we pre-engineer every steel frame commercial building in-house to prevent residual waste. This allows you to pay only for the materials we use as opposed to when lumber is used. Moreover, all components are already engineered to meet your local codes and loads to prevent any excess material.

Make the right choice.

Are you interested in transforming a steel frame commercial building into your dream home?  Contact us here at Armstrong Steel for a quote or call 1-800-345-4610, and we’ll make it happen.