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Why Prefabricated Steel Garages Are Ideal for DIY Enthusiasts

Why Prefabricated Steel Garages Are Ideal for DIY Enthusiasts

You can’t go wrong with a prefabricated steel garage when you want a dedicated space for DIY projects. It’s a versatile metal building that can provide enough space for any tasks, including woodworking, welding, and restoring vehicles. You can also use it to store tools, equipment, and other things. If you like working with your hands, talk to our building consultants here at Armstrong Steel so we can design the perfect structure where you can focus on your DIY projects.

Should I build with metal?

We often get this question because most people think they could save money and effort with traditional construction. Wood and concrete might be easier to access and locally available, but building a garage with these materials can cost you more now and in the future because of these reasons:

  • It will take at least a few months before you’re finished.
  • These materials are not resistant to pests, rot, moisture damage, and fire.
  • Your garage won’t stand up to harsh weather and earthquakes.
  • Wood and concrete buildings are high-maintenance.
  • Expensive to customize, expand, or renovate.

Meanwhile, a prefabricated steel garage is engineered and customized to your requirements. At Armstrong Steel, we engineer every component to fit seamlessly and ensure everything is ready to assemble when your metal garage kit arrives on your property. Moreover, our buildings are quick and easy to assemble, making it a great DIY project. Think of it as if you are building a model kit or a dollhouse, but it’s functional as a garage and workshop and brings more value to your property.

Made specifically for you

We may call it ‘prefabricated’ or ‘pre-engineered,’ but that doesn’t mean there’s no more room for customizations. An Armstrong Steel prefabricated steel garage is designed in-house and ensures a complete building system engineered to meet your local building codes.

Moreover, we follow your load-bearing requirements and other custom requests, such as specific interior and exterior finishes and compatibility with certain roof and wall materials. This allows us to avoid excessive material usage and waste while ensuring a one-of-a-kind structure you can be proud of.

Worry-free assembly

When we ship your prefabricated steel garage, we include a detailed erection guide, assembly drawings, and anchor bolt patterns for your reference. Moreover, all major connections are easy to bolt together and ready with pre-punched holes. We also meticulously cut and number most components to correspond with the custom drawings so you can assemble and erect your metal garage quickly.

Speedy construction

Building with wood or concrete could take at least a few months. In contrast, it may take only a few days to complete a small prefabricated steel garage, depending on the number of people who will help you assemble and erect it. A larger garage could take a week or two, especially when it needs additional scaffolding, equipment, and labor.

Extend your workshop

Need more space? You don’t have to build another workshop. Our prefabricated steel garages have modular and clear-span layouts to simplify expansions. Whether you want to add height, length, or width, you will find it easy to do with our buildings. Plus, this allows you to expand your working areas cost-effectively and quickly.

Empowerment for DIY enthusiasts

DIY projects are empowering to anyone who loves working with their hands. Assembling and erecting your prefabricated steel garage is not merely about saving time and money or getting a personalized structure. It lets you get creative while having control of the project. Here are the ways our pre-engineered steel garage kits and workshops empower DIY enthusiasts like you:

  • Give yourself a sense of accomplishment.Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment you get from finishing a DIY project. Assembling and erecting a pre-engineered metal garage lets you realize your vision. When you work with us, you’re involved from the initial design stage to designing the custom features and final touches. At Armstrong Steel, you can build a garage you can truly call your own.
  • Opportunities for growth and learningLearning never stops for DIY enthusiasts. As you complete more projects, your craftsmanship develops and grows, allowing you to take on more building challenges. A prefabricated steel garage is a great project for mastering new skills and challenging yourself to solve any unforeseen challenges. Every step in designing and assembling the building provides valuable experiences and insights you can apply to future projects.
  • Enjoy working on projects without worries.Our steel building systems empower DIY enthusiasts to focus on their projects and hobbies without worrying about their garage or workshop. Every pre-engineered steel building is guaranteed and proven durable. Plus, we guarantee our work with the following warranties:
    • 35-year paint warranty
    • 50-year structural warranty
    • 40-year rust through perforation roof warranty

Satisfy the DIY enthusiast in you.

Our modular construction and simplified assembly eliminate the guesswork from erecting a prefabricated steel garage. Contact us here or call 1-800-345-4610 to learn more about our pre-engineered steel building kits and get a quote. Our supportive team and user-friendly instructions will allow you to do this project confidently while unleashing your creative spirit.