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Utilize a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for your RFP

Utilize a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for your RFP

Are you in a bidding war for a Request For Proposal (RFP) project? Though the fight is never fun, it’s worth your time to include a pre-engineered metal building when submitting your RFP. Sometimes you are the only person who shows up and you win by default, and sometimes the better bid wins. RFP bids are tricky to get right and it’s important to create the best bid possible.

Some people believe that RFPs have become a waste of time, that no one really uses them anymore or that a company doesn’t look at all the bids after receiving them. This usually isn’t true. In some areas, people are blowing off RFPs, believing them to be outdated and ineffective. That’s where you come in.

In construction, you will be potentially competing against several contractors to win the bid. Put yourself ahead of the game by proposing a steel building. Steel buildings offer a lot more to your client than a wood-framed building.

pre-engineered metal buildingA steel building will last longer than buildings of traditional construction, as steel is less likely to wear down over time than a wood framed building. Take the time to look for RFPs that specifically request a steel building. There are places all over America that need buildings for cities in which the county office acts as the general contractor. Find an RFP that is specifically requesting a pre-engineered steel building and your battle is already half won.

Be sure to wow your potential client with all the add-ons and amenities that come along with a steel building. Gutters, windows and doors are all important pieces of your steel building bid. Jazz up your bid with the best add-ons your steel building supplier can offer.

Pre-galvanized steel lasts longer. Make sure to include a 40-year paint guarantee as well. Include all the benefits of a pre-engineered metal building to convince your prospective client.

A steel building can be put up in a fraction of the amount of time it takes to put up a traditional building. Other incentives like longevity, sturdiness, more space with less square-footage, and endless design options will enhance your RFP bid.

Take into account what the RFP building will be used for and tailor your pre-engineered steel building bid to highlight what makes the specific building better. Will your prospective client be building storage space or a school building? Consider what the user will do with the building and use your own knowledge to outline your bid. If the building is a school, you’ll need to install sheetrock walls for whiteboards, etc.

The best thing you can do to win an RFP bid is to make sure you make it as thorough as possible, follow all the requirements of the RFP and include a pre-engineered metal building. If you know someone from the office who created the RFP, ask them for more in-depth information so that you can make your bid as detailed as possible.

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