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A New Era of Farm Construction: Transforming Agricultural Landscapes with Metal Building Kits

A New Era of Farm Construction: Transforming Agricultural Landscapes with Metal Building Kits

Farm requirements haven’t changed much over time: keeping livestock safe, storing crops and equipment securely, and having dedicated workspaces. Traditionally, farms relied on time-consuming and potentially expensive construction methods to build these agricultural buildings. But these days, modern farms are turning to metal agricultural building kits for a faster, more cost-effective solution. These kits offer the same functionality as traditional buildings, plus the advantage of pre-engineered components that can be assembled quickly and efficiently.

Here at Armstrong Steel, we specialize In customizing prefabricated steel building kits for various purposes, including agriculture. Our structures are widely used as farm buildings because of their clear-span framing systems that offer more freedom to customize for any application. Plus, they are more affordable and low-maintenance than wood-frame buildings.

In this blog, we will share how our metal agricultural building kits are transforming agricultural landscapes. Keep reading to discover how we can add value to your farm with our steel structures.

The evolution of farm buildings

The rise of large-scale corporate farming has had a huge impact on how agricultural structures are built. Small independent farms are increasingly being acquired by these larger operations, creating a growing need for better on-farm infrastructure to support their increased production.

Wood was the material traditionally used for building barns and storage facilities. But while suitable for sheltering animals, these wooden structures weren’t ideal for housing and securing the larger and more sophisticated machinery and equipment modern agriculture relies on. As farmers invest in new equipment to meet production demands, they need durable, secure storage solutions that don’t break the bank. Metal agricultural building kits offer a cost-effective and adaptable solution for these modern farming needs.

Effective spaces for agricultural businesses

Farming is an expanding industry but restrictions in traditional farm building sizes and configurations are limiting its growth. As farmers invest in larger equipment and machinery, they need better ways to securely and safely store their new assets without the risk of damage. Our metal agricultural building kits are the perfect solutions.

At Armstrong Steel, we can customize your metal building kit to have larger openings to accommodate oversized machinery, vehicles, and equipment. These openings can be finished with overhead, rolling, or sliding doors. Plus, the buildings can be designed to have 200’ clear span widths in some circumstances to have uninterrupted storage space. This also gives farmers the freedom to install lifts or create designated spaces for other activities.

Creating intelligent agricultural structures

The versatility of our metal agricultural building kits extends beyond traditional storage and livestock shelters. They’re also ideal for creating cutting-edge growing environments like smart greenhouses and hydroponics facilities. Indoor farming operations are more crucial as increased urbanization decreases arable land. Our solutions can help your business thrive by giving you the option to shift your farming operations indoors.

In addition, metal building kits allow farmers and agricultural businesses to build structures that allow them to adopt and maximize the use of connected farming systems to manage their production.

Better than traditional farm buildings

Our agricultural steel buildings are much better than traditional construction for many reasons:


Wood-frame structures are associated with a long list of problems, including susceptibility to termites, moisture damage, and rot. The material is combustible and can easily be destroyed by fire. Plus, all it takes is one strong earthquake or a hurricane to take them down. Farmers don’t have to worry about their livelihood and assets with metal agricultural building kits.

At Armstrong Steel, we make pre-engineered metal buildings that withstand heavy snowfall, high winds, hard rains, and even seismic activity. Steel is a non-combustible material unlikely to be destroyed by fire. Plus, we coat the steel roof panels with Galvalume, an aluminum compound, to prolong their lifespan and prevent rusting. Also, termites and other pest infestation will be the least of your worries with our metal building kits.

Quick and low-cost assembly

Using wood and other traditional materials requires a lot of work, meaning you must wait at least a few months to finish construction. Armstrong Steel metal agricultural building kits are quick and easy to erect because every aspect of the system is meticulously pre-engineered to your local codes and load-bearing requirements.

Additionally, we include custom assembly drawings, anchor-bolt patterns, and an easy-to-follow erection guide with your building. Our metal building kits have pre-punched, bolt-together connections, and most components are numbered and pre-cut, so they are easy to assemble by referring to our drawings.

Our metal buildings also help reduce labor costs. We guarantee that every part will fit seamlessly together to eliminate additional work and treatments. Moreover, we can design your building to integrate any insulation or construction material, giving you more freedom to customize your structure.

No waste

We design our metal agricultural building kits in-house to increase quality control and ensure the optimal use of materials to avoid residual waste. This also means you are paying only for the materials we use in your steel building system, allowing you to save money. Our team also engineers every aspect of your structure according to your location’s building codes and local loads to eliminate excessive material usage.

Flexible open spaces

Armstrong Steel metal agricultural building kits are more versatile than wood-frame systems. We offer more framing system options (like modular and clear-span) so we can readily provide the structure you need for any application, whether for housing livestock, protecting harvests, or storing farm equipment and vehicles. Our pre-engineered steel structures can accommodate any construction material, so you don’t have to worry about them looking too industrial. They can look like a traditional red barn if that’s what you want.

The open and flexible layouts of metal agricultural building kits also simplify expansions down the line. Width and length extensions are possible with our modular and clear-span interior layouts. Plus, there is no need for additional supports or trusses to keep the structure stable.

Do you need a new farm building?

Our metal agricultural building kits are covered by longer warranties: 50 years for the structure, 35 years for the roof, and 40 years for the paint. If you’re interested in building a new agricultural structure, request a quote from us here at Armstrong Steel. Price your building by filling out our online form. You may also call 1-800-345-4610 or discuss your requirements with our design consultants.