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Why Commercial Metal Storage Buildings are a Smart Business Move

Why Commercial Metal Storage Buildings are a Smart Business Move

Are you looking for cost-effective, secure, reliable, and durable storage solutions for your business? Our commercial metal storage buildings might be just what you need. At Armstrong Steel, we offer customizable pre-engineered steel structures that can be a strategic investment, especially for a growing business. With our in-house building consultants, you can confidently design and build a structure that suits your requirements. Whether your business provides self-storage services or needs more room to keep your equipment, products, and other assets secure, we got you covered with our metal building kits.

Better than conventional structures

Traditional storage methods such as wooden sheds or concrete structures come with their own set of drawbacks, including vulnerability to harsh weather conditions and limited lifespan. In contrast, Armstrong Steel’s commercial metal storage buildings are designed to endure even the toughest environmental conditions, ensuring that your investments remain safe and secure.

Hesitant about metal buildings? Concerns about cost, durability, and value for money are common for newcomers to this option. Let us explain further why choosing these structures could be a wise decision for your business.

Customizable and flexible designs

One of the benefits of steel buildings is they can have minimal to no interior columns, making them easy to customize for storage purposes. With our building consultants, you can create a custom metal storage facility that meets your exact design intent, purpose, and other unique requirements. The flexible interior layout also gives you more freedom to create dedicated spaces for offices, lifts, and other required features to operate your business smoothly. Plus, we can provide larger door openings to accommodate sliding, rolling, and overhead doors to allow large equipment storage.

Armstrong Steel Building Systems come in versatile layouts, like modular and clear-span, allowing us to design our commercial metal storage buildings to meet any requirement. Warehouses, manufacturing businesses, self-storage facilities, and retailers trust our structures for their flexibility. With uninterrupted interior space, you can expand your structure to accommodate growing storage needs.

We can meet your exact requirements.

One of the best things about metal buildings is their endless customization options. At Armstrong Steel, we have extensive experience designing steel commercial storage buildings for any requirement. We can alter the exterior finish, interior layout, and the configurations for openings, like doors and windows. Whether you require closed or open facilities for your vehicles, equipment, products, and other goods, we have the solutions for you.

Do you want your storage facility to look less industrial? Our commercial metal storage buildings can accommodate all kinds of interior and exterior finishes. Our seasoned design team can customize your building to support any roof or wall design, including stucco, CMU, metal panels, shingles, or bricks. Rest assured, we can design any steel structure based on your branding and specific business requirements.

Cost-effective construction

Building a new structure with traditional materials can be expensive. That’s not the case with our commercial metal storage buildings. Steel is a cost-effective material that can reduce labor and construction costs and the time to finish the project.

We optimize the use of our materials here at Armstrong Steel, and because we make each building in-house, we avoid residual waste. Additionally, this means you pay only for the materials involved in your project, unlike when you build with lumber. You don’t have to worry about excessive material usage because our engineering team specifically engineers every piece of your steel storage facility to meet local building codes and load requirements.

Are you worried about the quality of your metal storage building? At Armstrong Steel, we always stand behind our work by providing longer, more reliable warranties for your peace of mind, such as:

  • 35-year rust through perforation roof warranty
  • 50-year structural warranty
  • 40-year paint warranty

Quick assembly

Constructing a storage facility out of wood, concrete, and other traditional materials can significantly disrupt your operations because it will take at least a few months to finish. Meanwhile, our commercial metal storage buildings are quick and easy to erect, allowing you to finish construction and use your new facilities sooner.

When we ship your metal storage building, it comes with a step-by-step erection guide, anchor bolt patterns, and detailed assembly drawings. We also make sure all bolt-together connections are pre-punched, and most components are carefully numbered and pre-cut. So, all you have to do is follow our custom drawings to assemble your building.

Increase your property values.

Our commercial metal storage buildings can significantly boost your property’s value by providing valuable functional square footage. Adding one or more structures to serve immediate operational needs can always benefit your business and make your property more attractive to future tenants or buyers. If you decide to sell your place down the road, its market price can be higher, thanks to our high-quality steel storage buildings.

You don’t have to worry about our buildings deteriorating or falling apart with time or due to nature’s wrath. Our pre-engineered steel structures are proven to withstand earthquakes, snowfall, high winds, and fires. We can also coat the roof panels with Galvalume, an aluminum compound, to prevent rusting and prolong their lifespan.

Choose Armstrong Steel for your new storage facilities.

Buy commercial metal storage buildings from Armstrong Steel and discover how we can add more value to your business. We are ready to price your building anytime, so don’t hesitate to fill out our quotation form or call 1-800-345-4610.