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Understand Why Metal Buildings Offer Long-Term Value and Invest Wisely

Understand Why Metal Buildings Offer Long-Term Value and Invest Wisely

Do you need a new garage or storage facility? Are you looking for a quick and affordable way to build a new workshop or office? If you answered yes to any of those questions, our metal building kits are for you.

At Armstrong Steel, we offer pre-engineered steel structures that are more reliable, stronger, and cost-effective for any purpose. Whether for purpose or personal use, our products are guaranteed to have long-term value while meeting your specific requirements.

Why build with metal and Armstrong Steel?

Armstrong Steel Building Systems are more cost-effective than traditional buildings because we use high-quality materials and build every project in-house. We have an in-house team of building consultants, designers, and engineers to design and craft your structure based on your needs. With our help, you can be confident in your building’s ability to provide better returns throughout its lifespan.

And believe us when we say that our steel buildings are lifelong investments because they are very durable. We coat steel roof panels with Galvalume, an aluminum compound that prevents rusting and prolongs their service life. Additionally, our metal building kits are proven strong enough to stand up against earthquakes, high winds, heavy rains, fires, and excessive snowfall.

Apart from these reasons, our metal buildings are great investments because:

We don’t use cookie-cutter designs

While we make pre-engineered metal building kits, we carefully tailor every structure to the customer’s specific needs. It’s how we constantly improve our designs and avoid following the same standards as our competitors. Our team is meticulous with every aspect of your steel building kit, from the connection plates to every weld, ensuring a high-quality, reliable, and well-designed structure every time.

Have you assembled a metal building kit before? If not, don’t worry. Our team has carefully designed each structure to ensure a seamless assembly process. To further simplify things, we provide anchor bolt patterns, an extensive erection guide, and detailed assembly drawings to walk you through the installation step-by-step. Whether you plan to assemble it yourself or with professional builders, you’ll be able to erect your steel building with ease and confidence.

It lets you expand with ease

As your needs evolve, you might find your current building no longer fits. You won’t have to construct a new facility because our metal building kits are designed for easy expansion. This makes enlarging your space both cost-effective and swift.

Our pre-engineered steel buildings offer layouts with minimal or no columns to ensure maximum flexibility. The clear-span design allows for wider spans than wood-frame structures can support. Armstrong Steel Building Systems offers extensive customization options for extending the length and width, enabling your structure to adapt and expand alongside your business seamlessly.

It’s designed for the modern business

At Armstrong Steel, we understand that today’s businesses must be able to modify their operations as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We make sure our pre-engineered modular metal building kits meet this requirement by being adaptable to any layout. You could even add more structural components, upper floors, lifts, partitions, and other features as needed. Rest assured that you won’t have trouble customizing any area so you can resume operations with minimal downtime and interruption.

Are you concerned about your building looking like a warehouse or too industrial? Our steel building kits are versatile and can be combined with other materials to meet aesthetic requirements. This means you can use any exterior or interior finish to customize the look and feel of your structure.

Armstrong Steel Building Systems support all roof and wall designs, including metal panels, brick, shingles, stucco, and CMU, allowing you to make your structure look exactly as you envision it. And don’t worry because our in-house building consultants will collaborate with you to bring your dream designs to life.

Your steel building can be a valuable asset in the long run

Should the time come when your needs change or you must move, our metal building kits bring many possibilities to bring more value from your initial investment. You can deconstruct and rebuild them to another location with a new layout for any new purpose.

Alternatively, you can transform your metal building to adapt to another purpose instead of building a brand new one. Our clear-span layouts offer versatility for any layout, so you can make changes or renovate your interior at a fraction of the cost of a new construction.

Build without worries

When we make metal building kits, we take the time to know more about where you want to erect them and your location’s local codes and loads. This is how we optimize our use of materials to avoid residual waste. Also, this allows our engineering team to carefully engineer each piece of your structure to meet your area’s building codes and load-bearing requirements, so you can avoid penalties later.

Are you ready to buy a metal building kit?

Choose from our metal building kits here at Armstrong Steel, and you will never go wrong with your investment. Our structures are cost-effective, long-lasting alternatives to traditional ones and promise better ROI. Design and price your building in just a few minutes here, or request a free quote by calling us at 1-800-345-4610.