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It’s Time to Build Your Dream Steel Motocross Garage!

It’s Time to Build Your Dream Steel Motocross Garage!

Motocross is one sport that’s steadily gaining traction all over the country. Combine action-packed motorcycle races with a rabid fan base, and you’ve got one wild competition. According to the history books, off-road motorcycle racing started in the U.K. in the early 1900’s. Motocross, and now Supercross in the U.S. has completely evolved throughout the years. In fact, off-road dirt tracks have sprung up all over the country, and organizations like the Sports Riders Association of Colorado (SRAC) exist to promote the sport and provide a forum for athletes and fans to delve into the intricacies of the races, cheer for their favorite riders and enjoy the fast-paced, extreme world of off-road motorcycle racing.

2876508006_20a4dfdf38_mIt doesn’t matter if you’re a professional rider on the AMA Supercross circuit, an amateur rider on the dirt track or a novice just learning the ropes, you’ll need a place to store your bike during the week. As I’ve witnessed, some of these riders and fans are so hardcore, they treat their bikes like their own children, with lots of tender love and care.

Because your investments and racing equipment are so important, you should protect them with something worthy enough to actually provide safe harbor. It’s time to build your dream steel motocross garage! It all starts with a pre-engineered steel building. Are you a small business owner that specializes in bike repair and customization? Steel buildings make the perfect garages and workshops, plus it’s a great place to securely tinker on your bike. Plus, they’re the safe-haven you need if you’re taking care of a customer’s assets, not just your own.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are some of the most durable, flexible structures on the market today. With today’s construction technology, they provide the affordability a business owner would appreciate, with the functionality they deserve. Even the casual racer can appreciate the protection a quality garage can offer.

Motocross riders often travel across the country to different events, and you’ll need a home base that’s safer than a trailer. Need a building that you can erect in between weekend races? A pre-engineered steel building takes half the time to erect for usually half the price compared to traditional construction methods. You have the need for speed? Assuming your building doesn’t need any considerable customization and comes from a reliable steel building provider, it is very quick and easy to erect. When I say easy, I’m not kidding around, or giving you a sales pitch. Some of our customers have erected their garages and barns in days, or even a weeks time. That’s because all major connections of the building are bolt-together with pre-punched holes and all components are pre-cut and ready to be erected on the job site once the delivery is made. There is no field fabrication necessary. If you own or operate a steel motocross garage, you won’t lose any business during the construction process, and you definitely won’t lose any time that should be spent out on the track.

A steel motocross garage might save you or your business money because of its energy efficiency and cost efficiency in the erection process. Since the garage just needs to be assembled on the job site, you won’t face any surprise cost increases because of delays or extra labor. Need a garage to fiddle with your bike or make custom helmets or suspensions? The better designs you make, the more racers are going to want your custom gear. As your business grows, your pre-engineered steel building can grow with you. Steel buildings are easily expandable and very versatile.

Another advantage a steel motocross garage has over a wooden structure like a pole barn is the ability to come in almost every design and virtually endless sizes. Truly, your height, width and length can be selected based on your specific situation. Plus, with clear span framing, you don’t have to worry about interior columns. That’s the subtle beauty of a pre-engineered building. You can have a big garage to store all your bikes, campers and trailers until race day. You won’t have to worry about a big internal poles and obstructions blocking your entrance or impeding your progress.

304934_389921977740786_2061344231_nIf in fact you decide to hit the pro circuit in the future, you may decide to sell your building to another up-and-coming motocross rider, or keep the building as a crash pad for all your bikes and equipment. Over the years, a steel building is silently working for you. If you ever decide to sell, your land with a steel motocross garage sitting upon it has most likely appreciated. This is usually typical with construction and buildings with a foundation. Real estate agents may perhaps make their calculations based on how permanent a structure is deemed at the time of a sale. Because a steel building has a foundation and doesn’t require much maintenance, more than likely the cash value will increase. A pole barn has components that constantly need to be replaced, and those types of buildings usually don’t have a concrete foundation of some kind. Because of this, land with a pole barn might depreciate, or remain the same value over time.

Of course, if you plan on staying put, a steel building isn’t a maintenance headache. The building isn’t subject to rotting, warping or cracking. Termites? Not a problem. The paint doesn’t need to be re-applied every few years, and won’t crack or chip. It’s important to search for paint, structural, wall panel and roof warranties when searching for you new place of business or storage area.

You live for your time on the track, but where you spend your time off of the track is just as important.

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Armstrong Steel is proud to be the title sponsor for the 2015 SRAC Series!

Photo courtesy: johnthescone