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Is Your Business Growing Too Big For Its Breeches?

Is Your Business Growing Too Big For Its Breeches?

How do you know when your business has outgrown its space? When is it time to start looking for a bigger office space? If Steel building prices are low, maybe you should build your own office.  On the surface, it seems like it would be easy to tell when you require more space for your business, but in reality it’s harder than you think. You can’t squeeze one more cubicle over there by the custodial closet, you can’t turn the break room into an office and you can’t put desks in the basement. One very strong indicator you will need a bigger office soon 3344142642_c4d3bfa042_mis all of the cubicles in your current space have occupants and you still need room to grow. If there is no possible space to put any more cubicles, it’s time to find a bigger office. Don’t cramp your staff’s style just to shove a few more desks in. The moment you make your staff uncomfortable, they look for new jobs, leaving your business tanking instead of growing.

As the CEO, are you sharing an office with your partner? Unless that office is the size of three offices and your office has room for a couch, you need a bigger office. Not only does your staff need space to do what they have to do, you need space to make the decisions for your company.

Will you hire more than 5 people in the next year? If your business plan includes ramping up staff in the next year in one or more department, you’re going to need extra space. If your current space will not support this new staff, start looking for a new building. Outgrowing current space is part of the natural evolution of business. If your business isn’t growing, chances are, you aren’t running your business very well. Growing too big for your breeches is a good thing. Unfortunately, good things don’t always come in pretty packages, and searching for new space may be a challenge.

3958465453_9658b07e59_mSo you need more space, where will you find it? The second hardest part about fostering a growing business is finding the space right for your team. Is it wise to move into an existing space in a hip neighborhood? Maybe you should build your own building. Steel building prices are comparable, if not less than what you pay in rent for one year of a commercial space. The best part about building your own steel building is that you get to design the inside completely. You can design your office as big as you need it to be, with extra space for not only your current growth, but any growth you may experience in the future.

Make sure your business has enough space to grow by first checking steel building prices, estimating the amount of space you will need for your new office and deciding whether an existing commercial space is right for you or if you should build from scratch.

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Photo courtesy: Phil Whitehouse, Jyri Engestrom, Mike Fleming