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Experts Discuss: Why Buying a Steel Building in the Winter is a Smart Move

Experts Discuss: Why Buying a Steel Building in the Winter is a Smart Move

Talk to any contractor, building erector or construction specialist, and you might hear a mention of the term “building season.” They’re most likely talking about the 6-8 months of the year, depending on location, when building a steel building is ideal. It goes without saying that parts of the spring, summer and fall are ideal for any builder because the weather is conducive for construction. Poor planning can lead to costly delays and an increase in labor costs, and if a first time builder can prevent those problems by proper planning, they should! While a construction project of any kind might be the furthest from your mind in the winter time, it can be the perfect time to buy a steel building.

Several of our experts gave their reasoning why buying a steel building in the winter is a smart move.

Get the lowest price

“Many people associate the summer as the time to start a project, but the savviest shoppers make a plan to have their project delivered during the spring and summer months. To get that delivery time, you need to start your project before building season. It’s a smart move because, with some companies, demand can be lower in the winter months. You might have an opportunity to get a better price as suppliers look to keep business booming during the bitterly cold months. Steel buildings are also extremely easy to erect yourself, but if you decide to engage a contractor, the winter is also a great time go through candidates and pick the right fit for your steel building project. Find a contractor you are comfortable with, and start the discussions about budget and timeline. You’ll most likely have your choice, because contractors could be chomping at the bit to give you a bid for future work.” – Tree Archibeque, Director of Sales.

Develop a budget

buying a steel building in the winter“In the summer time, every builder is scrambling to get their “ducks in a row.” As each day passes, you’re running out to time to get quotes from a reputable steel building providers, figure out your timeline and develop your own budget. The smartest builders, whether they are novice or experienced builders, do their homework ahead of time. Steel prices are constantly on the rise, too. In fact, the prices of all individual metals are influenced by a variety of factors like supply and demand, globalization, and the manufacturing process. Experts forecast steel prices will constantly escalate over the next four years. What does that mean for your steel building project? The barn, workshop or garage could be more expensive, no matter who supplies it. Unfortunately, due to current market conditions, you cannot lock in a steel price” – Tyler Doty, Project Manager.

Your location matters

“Like any sport, there is always an off-season. But depending on your location, you might be able to build year-round or most of the year. Due to warmer climates in the south, people in those southern US states can build when there isn’t an opportunity to do so for people in the north. Since peak season for fabricating and delivery are usually in the spring and summer, when you investigate buying a steel building in the winter, you might be eligible for some kind of off-season pricing.” – Kayleigh Chambers, Building Consultant.

Erection is easier

“It’s possible to erect a pre-engineered steel building in the winter, but you could end up spending more money due to possible setbacks and challenges the winter season may present. Sometimes, the permitting process can be lengthy as well, but it won’t delay your project if your local municipality or permitting offices are working during wintertime. With all your design, permitting and engineering needs taking place during the winter, you can ask to schedule your delivery for the very beginning of building season. All that’s left is to erect your steel building in the warm weather.” – Kitty Uhle, Director of Client Services.

buying a steel building in the winterThere are only a few steps to purchase a pre-engineered steel building directly from the factory, and it’s called the Direct Buy Process. If you’re on top of your game and fill out all the paperwork and sign drawings when they arrive, it’s possible you can speed up several steps to your pre-engineered steel building purchase. Remember, it takes time to design, engineer and fabricate a quality pre-engineered steel building. Every building Armstrong creates is designed to your specific specifications. Follow the Direct Buy process, begin your project in the winter and be ready to build in the spring when the ground thaws. Avoid the cold weather, the higher utility bills, the cluttered work sites, and the extra work it takes to combat the cold. Timing is everything.

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