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One Surefire Way to Win Every Construction Bid

One Surefire Way to Win Every Construction Bid

When did you first decide to become a contractor? Are you involved in a family business? Are you good with your hands, and thought it would be a great career path? I know a lot of general contractors who have an aptitude for building and design – they can see what a project will look like well into the future before it’s even finished.

One characteristic I see in many general contractors is competitiveness. These people seem to thrive in high pressure situations. Are you the same way? If so, I’d bet money it shows through in your bidding process. However, if you’re not the most competitive person in the world, you can still stay competitive in the marketplace by incorporating a winning strategy when it comes to the bidding process. Honestly it’s easy; all you have to do is present your customer with the best building option available, and that’s usually a pre-engineered steel building.

WorkshopA pre-engineered steel building is a smart building option because it can save you and your client money. Now do I have your attention? How often do you juggle several different jobs? How can you control your cash flow, give a project the attention it deserves and perform quality work at the same time? When you order a pre-engineered steel building at your client’s behest, it arrives at the job site ready to erect. Steel buildings typically can be erected in days or weeks as opposed to conventional construction methods, which could take months. This will allow you and your crew to move efficiently from one job site to another, but not at the expense of quality and commitment. With minimal down time in between jobs and a quick erection process, there’s a ton of potential for you to take on several jobs at a time and increase your profit margins.

Of course, your potential client isn’t going to be concerned with your overall profit. They’re going to be concerned with their savings, and they should be. Let your clients know steel buildings aren’t usually affected by delays like traditional construction methods, and since the building simply bolts together, these types of projects aren’t generally subject to surprise cost increases. If your client is a small business owner or a church pastor, delays and cost increases are a huge inconvenience. They’ve got a business to run, and a congregation to mentor. As you well know, it can flat out be unacceptable to wait or displace a group of people depending on you.

pre-engineered steel buildingAside from the quick erection time, pre-engineered steel buildings are extremely durable and require little maintenance. A pre-engineered steel building is fire resistant, wind resistant, and can even incorporate specific coatings to protect the exterior. Pre-engineered steel buildings are also resistant to insects and termites. Some people worry moisture will affect a steel building negatively, but with galvanized steel, proper ventilation, and temperature regulation, you can practically eliminate moisture. Sell your customers on the benefits of steel buildings and how they are designed to last for decades.

Due to pre-engineered steel buildings being so durable and versatile, they may actually provide your client with lower insurance rates and tax breaks. A pre-engineered steel building can also be designed to incorporate many forms of green energy such as solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, and small wind energy. These forms of green energy can be used for the Residential Energy Property Credit. If you think about it, a pre-engineered steel building can increase your client’s property value because it’s considered a permanent structure. Permanent structures are considered capital improvements if they last at least a year and are evident if your client decides to sell. Pole barns and wood buildings don’t usually require a foundation, which puts them in the ‘non-permanent’ category. Non-permanent buildings don’t generally raise property values, or appreciate over time.

Armstrong Steel Multi-Colored Panel Option

As the builder, you always have a support system. A dedicated project manager will gladly answer questions offer advice, and be your point of contact during the process. We’ll handle the tough part – all you need to worry about is building erection.

You don’t need a crazy plan or gimmick to win the bid – if you bet on the quality, durability, versatility and flexibility of a steel building, you (and your customer) are sure to win every time.

Photo courtesy: David Wall