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How to Plan for the Perfect Steel Workshop

The perfect workshop has many uses. It’s the ideal man cave or ‘lady lair.’ For the car enthusiast, it’s extra space to hunker down and put more concentration on alternators, drive shafts and transmissions. For the carpenter, it’s a place to work on wood and other crafts. It’s definitely a place to store your tools, lawn equipment and that plastic jungle gym you keep telling your kids you’ll set up once the weather gets warmer. It can be all of these things, and much more.

Your perfect steel workshop begins with a steel building. It’s durable, costs less than conventional construction, and you can erect it quickly and easily. With the ability to engineer a steel workshop directly to your unique specifications, you can have what you want, exactly the way you want it.

Let’s go beyond steel. How do you plan for the perfect steel workshop? steel workshopWhat goes into the process of starting a project with nothing, and finishing with a masterpiece? A steel workshop requires a lot of the same considerations as a residential or commercial building would. You’ll need to think about your interior and exterior space needs. What will your steel workshop rest on? Preparation is crucial when it comes to pouring your foundation, especially in the winter time.

Start thinking about your own bottom line. We’re talking about budget. Do your research, and find out how much the ‘shell’ of your building will be, and determine your costs. You might want to add doors, windows, and other accessories depending on your building’s function. This is another huge benefit of a steel building. It’s a high quality structure that’s easily assembled and tailored exactly to the user’s desires.

What will you use your workshop for? Make sure you leave yourself enough space to practice your favorite hobby while also storing your tools and equipment. Will you be accommodating cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or heavier farm equipment? Make sure you pick your dimensions according to the gear you already have.

What’s the operative word in ‘workshop?’ Even though you’ll have your fun moments in your steel workshop, you know you’ll be getting some serious work done. Don’t forget about a workbench, cabinets, counters and plumbing. Another important feature of your workshop should be a ventilation system. You’ll be working with wood and sawdust, or around paint fumes. Having the proper ventilation system to circulate the contaminated air is smart and health conscience. Consider installing plumbing and equipping your building with a sink or bathroom and drainage in the event of floor spills for easy clean-up.

One big misconception about steel buildings is that the outside has to be made of steel. steel workshopAny kind of facade or exterior finish can be added to the outside of your workshop, assuming the weight of the finish is accounted for in the design process. Propose a different surface to your project manager if you want a distinct outside finish.

As you continue the planning process to your perfect steel workshop, it’s imperative to think about not only your present needs, but also your future needs. Workshops made from steel framing will last multiple decades, if not longer. You’re most likely to have a steel workshop sit on your property for as long as you own it, so you want to mull over your options. This doesn’t mean you have to outfit your workshop with the best technology now, but design a place for it, if necessary, if you think you might use it in the coming years. You’ll most likely install lighting and electricity to run your tools, but even if you only have battery-powered gizmos now, maybe in the future, you might need a place to plug them in.

You can accomplish all your goals with a pre-engineered steel building. From the basics to the more advanced developments, your perfect steel workshop is waiting to be erected, and finished with tons of possibilities.