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4 Tips to Save Time on your Steel Building Job Site

4 Tips to Save Time on your Steel Building Job Site

I wish there were more hours in the day. Don’t you? When it comes to the steel building job site, every hour wasted equates to a potential of lost money. As a contractor, money isn’t the only thing you could lose by wasting the . Your brand image or internet persona could take a hit if you’re wasting time on a job site. Clients are happier when their project is on schedule and a happy client will speak highly of you and your team. On the other side, your reputation could be at stake if a project isn’t completed on time.

Every contractor I speak to is always looking to improve efficiency when they’re on the job. Check out these 4 time saving tips – which translates to keeping your customers and profits, but might help to gain customers and profits if you play your cards right.


Set up a timeline to to stay on schedule. This will keep your team focused on your current project and will allow them to enter new projects confidently. Nothing looks worse to a client than a team standing around with confused faces. If your team is prepared before they begin work on a job site, they’ll be able to get to work quicker – and finish quicker – which allows you to keep the client’s project on schedule and as the contractor, move onto your next job sooner. That’s the beauty of a pre-engineered steel building: materials arrive to the job site ready to be erected. Holes are pre-punched and the building bolts together, with little to no field fabrication necessary. Talk about quick construction!

Before you begin work on your current steel building job site, you should assign levels of responsibility and delegate. Assign your most trusted team member as an assistant manager or superintendent. If you’re busy talking with the client, your assistant can guide the rest of your team. Think of it this way: If you’re not on top of the job, the job will be on top of you! Learn to manage smarter, not harder.

Incorporate Current Technology

Don’t be afraid of incorporating the most popular mobile apps to communicate with your team, create contracts, or to solve on site problems. Tablets and smartphones can be lifesavers when you need to communicate with your team quickly as they eliminate legwork or the need to leave notes or messages. I’m not advocating to get ride of your traditional construction tools though. Those are your old standbys. Still, if possible, purchase the most modern tools. It’s hard to be the most efficient contractor if you’re using technology your competitors threw out years ago.

Keep the lines of communication open

Communication is vital in all aspects of life. This is especially true when it’s time to erect a pre-engineered steel building. If your client doesn’t tell you exactly what they want or if you don’t tell your client everything they need to know, you’ll typically find delays in your future. Delays lead to unhappy customers and possibly lost money. Sit down with your client before you start work and give them the opportunity to express their thoughts and explain what your team can and can’t do to help them. If you’re able to communicate with the client during the planning and engineering process, all the better. Communication between all parties during a building project can prepare everybody for an efficient erection. That’s why project managers can be so beneficial. A project manager, especially at a steel building supplier, will help you ‘from conception to completion.’ It’s important to have a friend in the steel building process, and if you ever need assistance with the erection process, they are ready to help!

Erect A Steel Building

A pre-engineered steel building is a smart building option because it can save you and your client money. When you order a pre-engineered steel building for your client, it arrives at the job site ready to erect. Steel buildings typically can be erected in days or weeks as opposed to conventional construction methods, which could take months. This will allow you and your crew to move efficiently from one job site to another, but not at the expense of quality and commitment. With minimal down time in between jobs and a quick erection process, there’s a ton of potential for you to take on several jobs at a time and increase your profit margins. Of course, your potential client isn’t going to be concerned with your overall profit. They’re going to be concerned with their savings, and they should be. Let your clients know steel buildings aren’t usually affected by delays like traditional construction methods, and since the building simply bolts together, these types of projects aren’t generally subject to surprise cost increases in the construction process. If your client is a small business owner or a church pastor, delays and cost increases are a huge inconvenience. They’ve got a business to run, and a congregation to lead. As you well know, it can flat out be unacceptable to wait or displace a group of people depending on you. Aside from the quick erection time, pre-engineered steel buildings are extremely durable and require little maintenance. A pre-engineered steel building is fire resistant, wind resistant, and can even incorporate specific coatings to protect the exterior. Pre-engineered steel buildings are also resistant to insects and termites. Some people worry moisture will affect a steel building negatively, but with galvanized steel, proper ventilation, and temperature regulation, you can practically eliminate the moisture problem. Sell your customers on the benefits of steel buildings and how they are designed to last for decades.

Take advantage of these tips now and improve your efficiency on the job site and see your profits and stock rise in the construction community!