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Why You Should Buy a Steel Building From a Company with a Manufacturing Facility

Why You Should Buy a Steel Building From a Company with a Manufacturing Facility

You’re faced with a decision and it’s one you might not have even considered. You’ve made a choice to buy a building for your property, your farm, your small business, your church – a workshop, a garage, a place for storage. Your mind is flooded with important decisions. What do I want? How do I go about the process of designing my pre-engineered metal building? What will it look like? Believe me, you have enough to think about when it comes to this purchase – colors, roof pitches, exterior finishing, matching existing buildings on the property, and the ability to have a choice in your journey is what sets an Armstrong Steel metal building kit apart from other building suppliers.

What you don’t need to decide, however, is choosing a company with a manufacturing facility.

steel building providerThis company made a choice, and we did it on your behalf.  We didn’t want your projects to be delayed in order for larger projects to be produced. While this may seem like a sign of a robust or improving economy – it means a hardship to our customer – and that’s not something I would allow. You mean a lot to us, no matter how big your project may be – it’s 100% yours. You don’t deserve to have it pushed back because a sports arena in another city needs the steel.

That’s why we got to work, for you. We’ve outfitted a warehouse with state-of-the-art machines. We staffed the facility with some of the best talent in the state. Because of you, we have control of every piece of this process.

manufacturing facilityYeah, it speeds up production time; sure it allows us to make replacement pieces when you need one; it gives us the chance to manage your entire process all the way to delivery; but most important, it gives us the freedom to make sure each component, every piece, every part of the project meets the exact standards we promised you we would provide. We can deliver this with absolute confidence.

Brokers don’t offer this kind of service. They are only working as ‘middle-men’ who want to sell you the cheapest building with no regard to any of your wants or needs. In fact, that’s only what some steel building companies can do. They’ll send out for all of the other important aspects that we do in-house. You want windows, maybe a roll-up door, an awning or a canopy. You want to put your individual flair into every bit of the design process. You want – GASP – a choice! You want to make a lot of choices.

manufacturing facilityWe think that’s what every person deserves, and it’s on those principles this company was founded in the first place. Giving people a choice isn’t something we take for granted. I think it’s what you expect, and that’s why we deliver it. It’s the right way to run a business. It’s the right way to deal with other customers. It’s how you take a milestone, and turn it into a moment.

But what it means, mostly, is that you can make choices. Things like colors, window types, door openings, landscaping, even decorative columns. These are the choices you should be making when you choose a steel building. Not whether or not we have a manufacturing facility. That’s a choice we’ve made for you, so don’t even worry about it. How about you decide if you want wainscotting? That’s the choice you want to make, right? We’ll do the rest.