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3 Reasons Your Congregation Should Choose a Steel Church Building

As a pastor or church leader, your first duty is to your congregation and the people of your community. Shepherding your flock with compassion and empathy is no easy task, but based on the knowledge of the Bible or a religious text, you’ve found a way to lead and teach. Taking care of your congregation is paramount in every aspect, and if you’re looking to build or expand into a steel church building, that’s a duty that most likely falls into your dominion as well.

With many different options for a church building, why should you consider steel? In just one meeting with your church committee, or with your principal church minister, you recognize that budgets can be tight. The congregation gives willingly, and their donations will most likely fund a steel church building project.

Steel church buildings usually cost less than other traditional construction methods, and they can be erected in half the time. Steel buildings are low-maintenance, extremely durable and can have the aesthetic appeal needed to please any type of churchgoer. If you’re interested in building a new place of worship, you should consider a steel church building.


steel church buildingTo accommodate all your parishioners, you might require much more space, and you can do so much more cost effectively with steel. Once a wood building’s span becomes larger than 40 feet or so, truss size increases and therefore, so does material cost. One way around this is to add interior columns, which is why columns are so prevalent on large span wood buildings. When spans begin to exceed 40 feet, steel buildings become extremely cost effective in comparison to wooden pole barns. Based on price per square foot, steel buildings – especially those with large spans – are almost always less expensive than any other clear span construction method. Plus, steel buildings utilize clear span framing, so there are no need for truss and cord systems or interior columns. Steel buildings also can be erected in days or weeks, not several months. This fact dramatically cuts down on labor costs. Since steel buildings from Armstrong Steel feature bolt together connections and are pre-cut and pre-welded, little to no field fabrication is necessary.


As with a place of worship or any other structure for that matter, you want to build a building that is made to last. Steel is the most durable man-made construction material on the market today. A steel church building is engineered to withstand the loading conditions of your specific area. Steel will not warp, rot, twist or bend like wood will, and steel is solid against termites and other insects. Unlike those traditional construction methods, steel is virtually fireproof and doesn’t encourage the growth of mold.


You’re looking to make a good impression in the community, and while the outside appearance isn’t the most important factor, you still want the your place of worship to be aesthetically pleasing and make people feel welcome. With different finishes, steel church buildings can look any way you want them to look thanks to creative engineering. If you prefer the look of metal, you can also pick from 20 different colors and customize your steel church building with accessories like doors, windows and insulation. You, along with your church committee, have the ability to design and create the most beautiful steel church building of your dreams.

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Photo courtesy: Timothy Tolle