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50 Reasons to go Pre-Engineered!

50 Reasons to go Pre-Engineered!

Are you shopping for a new metal building? Are you looking for a new workshop or garage for your property? If you are unsure of what material to build with, take a look at some of the reasons to build a pre-engineered metal building.

  1. New Technology, New Designs – When you build with steel, you aren’t limited to designs of the past. Now you can design your building to have virtually any appearance you want due to modern technology.
  2. Build Green – Steel buildings don’t take a toll on the environment like traditional timber buildings do. Steel buildings require ZERO trees to build. The same obviously can’t be said about other building materials.
  3. Energy Efficient – Steel buildings can be extremely energy efficient, leading to increased savings on heating and cooling costs.
  4. Versatility – A steel frame can be incorporated into many different designs such as office buildings, sheds, and even churches.
  5. Open Space – A rigid frame steel building won’t have intrusive poles to support the roof and walls, and also won’t have bulky trusses taking up space in your building. Use ALL the space in a pre-engineered metal building!
  6. Durability – Quality steel is durable and can last a lifetime. Be sure to check the warranties of the pre-engineered steel building you purchase.
  7. Save Money – You can lock your steel order and get in contact with a project manager right away.
  8. Increase Property Value – The durability of a steel building will keep the building in excellent condition over time and may allow you to sell your property for more profit than if you were to build with wood.
  9. Low Labor Cost – Due to the simplicity of the erection process of a pre-engineered steel building, you won’t have to pay laborers for a long period of time.
  10. Easy to Incorporate HVAC Sensors– HVAC sensors can automatically regulate things like lights and temperature to save energy.
  11. Solar Power – Your steel building can be engineered to incorporate solar panels and solar power.
  12. Tax Breaks – According to the IRS, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 increased the tax credit from 10% to 30% for incorporating energy efficient features into a design.
  13. Steel Is Recyclable – Steel scrap can be an essential ingredient in the steelmaking process.
  14. Strength – Your steel building is impervious to rotting, unlike a traditional timber building or pole barn.
  15. No Termites – A steel building will not fall victim to an insect infestation such as termites.
  16. Fire Resistant – Steel has a natural resistance to fire and will be able to withstand high temperatures.
  17. Weather Resistant -Your steel building will be designed with your location and climate in mind. This greatly raises the chances your building will be able to withstand the elements such as rain, hurricanes, and even earthquakes.
  18. Flexibility – Steel buildings can be as small as 10’x10’ or have 300’ spans or more.
  19. Build For The Long Term – The upfront cost of a steel building could be more than a pole barn, but consider it an investment that can slowly appreciate over time. Land with a pole barn could depreciate over time.
  20. Little Maintenance – Steel buildings require very little maintenance and will allow you to invest your funds elsewhere.
  21. Factory Manufactured Product – Steel building systems are applicable in almost every design. Plus, they don’t come off an assembly line. Pre-engineered structures are built specifically for each individual’s needs.
  22. Quick Assembly – Pre-engineered metal building parts are welded in the factory before they are shipped out. This means everything will come to your job site ready for erection; no field fabrication or welding necessary.
  23. Erect the Building Yourself – You can erect the building with a few friends of family members! If you feel uncomfortable with erecting a steel building, there are independent, professional contractors available for hire.
  24. Project Managers – When you place an order, we will assign you a project manager (at no extra cost). The project manager will be there to guide you through the design and engineering process. A project manager is NOT a General Contractor.
  25. Single Source Production – Some companies outsource your entire steel building purchase after they receive your business. That’s something a “broker” does. By choosing a provider that will design and engineer your building in house, and help you throughout the entire process, you will have an easier time, especially if you need to communicate any necessary changes.
  26. Easily Expandable – Your steel building is easily expanded by removing end walls and adding panels.
  27. Mezzanine Floors – Your building can be designed to incorporate a mezzanine floor. They are always an option for your steel building to make an effective use of all the space you have.
  28. Design Process – By making the right decisions in the design process, you’re setting up your steel building for the long run.
  29. Easy To Protect Against Rust – When designing your building, opt for galvanized secondary framing to protect against rust.
  30. Multiple Paint Options – By simply choosing the right paint, you can reflect the sun’s rays away from your building and extend its lifespan in the process. Choose from 20 different colors for your pre-engineered metal building.
  31. Just Follow The Instructions – If you like to get your hands dirty, a pre-engineered steel building is something you may be able to put together by following easy instructions.
  32. Lower Insurance Rates – Since steel is so durable, you will typically see lower insurance costs than other building materials.
  33. Grow Crops All Year – Steel greenhouses can be designed to grow indoor crops year round.
  34. Easily Replicable – Should you desire another steel building in a different area, it is easy to update specifications and restart the building process.
  35. High Humidity Tolerance – Pre-galvanized steel protects against rust and this allows you to have a humid environment in your steel building without worrying about corrosion.
  36. Clear Span – Clear span rigid frames do not have interior columns or internal poles to stand. The loads from the roof are supported and transferred to the foundation.
  37. Increased Safety – Steel buildings can be designed with multiple exits to increase safety. Plus, it’s an engineered system, meaning it’s designed to stand for decades.
  38. Perfect For Barns – A steel building offers the space and safety needed to house all of your farming equipment, livestock and storage.
  39. No Waste – Each steel building is designed in house, so there is no residual waste. You only pay for the materials you use, as opposed to lumber.
  40. Install Outside Water Source – A steel barn can be built to support the loads of an outside water source.
  41. Permits Are Relatively Easy To Obtain – Permits are used to make sure your building meets the safety requirements of your area. In most cases, it isn’t difficult to obtain a necessary permit.
  42. Efficient Material Utilization – Computer aided design and manufacturing processes allow steel to be fabricated with lower wastes and material costs.
  43. Necessary Expansion – Whether you need to keep up with your rivals or need to meet product demand, expanding with steel will usually keep your down time low and your profits relatively normal.
  44. Perfect For Fallout Shelters – If you want to be ready for anything, reinforced steel walls and steel poles will be able to protect you from whatever dangers there are in the outside world.
  45. LEED Certification – Your pre-engineered steel building can be designed with the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards in mind and can earn you a LEED certification.
  46. EPA Friendly – The EPA advises to build for durability and adaptability to reduce waste and help protect the environment. These are two of the many benefits of steel.
  47. See the Light -Your steel building can be designed to include large windows and skylights to take advantage of natural light and reduce energy cost. You get to decide to place your window and door openings wherever you like.
  48. Steel Is An American Export – The American steel industry is alive and well. Of course some companies import their steel or export their orders overseas, buying from an American in-house manufacturer is the best option.
  49. History – The first iron frame building was built in 1796 in Shrewsbury, England and in 1889, the Rand McNally Building in Chicago became the first ‘all steel framed’ skyscraper. Today, pre-engineered buildings are some of the most durable, flexible and versatile structures in the world.
  50. Over 10,000 Buildings Erected Every Year – Workers erect over 10,000 steel buildings every year all across the USA. You’re not alone.

A steel building can be the perfect solution for you. If you still aren’t convinced, feel free to check out our First Time Builders blog for more information.