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Want to Grow? Here’s 6 Recruiting Tactics You Should Be Using

Want to Grow? Here’s 6 Recruiting Tactics You Should Be Using

For most small businesses, the strength of a company is reliant on two things: the product and the people. Whether you knew it or not, you have the power to influence both. While your product might be pretty straightforward, the people who work at your metal building must sell the product with efficiency. They have the impact to make you succeed or fail miserably. When was the last time you swore off a company because of bad customer service? On the flip side, when was the last time you gave an auto shop your patronage because you had a favorite mechanic?

Having the right recruitment strategy is extremely important to any business, but it’s often times pushed to the bottom of the priority list due to high turnover and the need to avoid disruptions in the business. Often times, you look to just “fill a hole” instead of hiring the right person in the job. Who has time for that? You do. If you don’t focus on employee recruitment, it could cost you some serious cash.

Look internally

5101600613_f19c395f52_mFigure out why people want to work for you, and focus on making it even better. Do they like your pay structure? Do you have a good vacation plan, or does your office space promote bad morale? Is your workplace too big and expensive to operate? Or is it too small, and your employees can’t work without running into each other? If so, consider a move into a metal building. You want a work atmosphere that brings out the best in your employees. Remember, your employees won’t come right out and tell you they’re unhappy with the work environment, but they will send you signs. If you can’t figure out why good people keep leaving, it might be because of the environment.

Invite a group of candidates to your metal building

Many businesses are moving away from the one-on-one method of interviewing and switching to the group recruiting method. How it works: Invite multiple candidates to a job interview, and see how they interact with each other. You’ll be able to see how they act around other people, their amount of confidence, and their ability to network. These are great skills that you might not see in a one-on-one job interview or until after the person is officially hired.

Train yourself to rule the resume

metal buildingAs you know, many resumes can be misleading. When people have the opportunity the write about themselves and their accomplishments, they aren’t going to list their flaws when they’re trying to earn employment. That’s why you need to be able to sift through the information and find the hidden jewels of each person. For instance, I applied for a sales position when I was just starting out. I had worked a few menial jobs, nothing of great importance in the workforce. In fact, at the end of the resume, I even listed my grass-cutting company as experience. I didn’t think it would be noticed, but my interviewer looked at me and said, “I noticed you’ve incorporated yourself.” He looked past all my recent work and noticed my entrepreneurial spirit. I ended up getting the job because of it. While I’m not saying to hire every person with landscaping experience, look for special elements and nuggets of excellence that separate people from the pack.

Make a game of it

Sometimes, people can’t resist a challenge, and companies know it and exploit that fact. Google has always had an interesting way of attracting web developers. The company always seems to be using a cryptic challenge to recruit new employees. In their latest attempt, Google sent emails to web developers with fun puzzles and an invitation to complete them. If accomplished, Google sent them a message and a request for a meeting. Even the National Security Agency got in on the fun when looking for applicants. They sent out a mysterious tweet with an obscure code. They even use the hashtag #MissionMonday, with the hopes of finding some of the best code breakers in the country. Whatever product or service you offer, turn the recruiting process into a game to lure people to your metal building. Some people can’t resist a challenge!

Speaking of interesting challenges, he’s an exercise you can implement if you’re looking for sales people, and how you separate the top candidates from the averages ones. Call them before or after an interview, and tell them they aren’t a good fit for your company, and see how they handle the rejection. Do they just accept it, because they want to move on to the next one? Or do they challenge you and try to make their case? Then you can make a decision based on your sales strategies and tactics.

Stand out with non-traditional media

Technology is a driving force in every industry today. The top people are out there, and they want to be noticed. Start by scouring LinkedIn profiles for niche candidates. Smart people who know what they’re doing are integral to your company’s success. If you don’t want to do any searching on social media, then put yourself and your company out in the open with podcasts, YouTube, or blogs that explain what you’re looking for, what you expect and what you offer at your small business.

Know target location

Where do ideal employees spend their free time? Maybe some of the best fits for your company are currently employed, but not happy with their current jobs. In highly competitive markets, it’s become normal for companies to poach the best talent from their competitors, but there is a thin line between what is considered ethical. That’s why a solid recruitment strategy can help! You’ll have to decide if this is a method you’ll use to acquire new talent.

The right employee can help skyrocket your business and bring you success. Once you have the right people, it might be time to move into a metal building. When you’re ready, we’ll be here to help!

Photo courtesy: Public Information Office, Flazingo Photos, USACE