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A Showcase of Armstrong Steel’s Diverse Portfolio of Innovative Metal Buildings and Garages

At Armstrong Steel, we take our reputation as America’s number 1 steel building manufacturer seriously by ensuring durable structures with unmatched layout flexibility and larger door openings to accommodate any vehicle. With our metal garage, you know your valuable assets are secure and protected.

Many people turn to us for prefabricated metal buildings and garages because we tailor these structures to meet specific needs. Whether you’re looking to expand space for an increasing car collection or seeking a more secure, enclosed area for your daily-use equipment and vehicles, we’ve got you covered.

Why buy a metal garage from Armstrong Steel?

Our metal buildings and garages take the guesswork out of constructing a custom facility for storing and securing your vehicles, equipment, and other assets. Whether you need our structures for personal or business use, Armstrong Steel will work with you to deliver the building to your exact requirements.

Our steel garages are quick and easy to erect, even for do-it-yourselfers and first-time builders. Each pre-engineered metal garage kit comes with detailed installation instructions for assembling and erecting the building. Plus, all bolt-together connections are pre-punched, with numbered and pre-cut components to speed up assembly.

Save time with a metal garage.

Our goal is to save you time when you buy any of our metal buildings and garages. We even go the extra mile by providing engineer-stamped plans to help you secure the necessary structural construction permits in your area. Plus, we engineer the structure according to your area’s local building codes and load requirements for a smoother building experience.

All these benefits greatly reduce your construction times and labor costs. If you build with traditional materials, like wood and concrete, you would have to spend at least a few months constructing your garage. Assuming you don’t need significant customizations, Armstrong Steel metal buildings and garages are very easy and quick to erect, so you can start using your new structure to house your vehicles and equipment.

Create the perfect metal garage.

When you choose Armstrong Steel metal buildings and garages, you can expect a smooth and pleasant experience throughout your project. As soon as you engage us, our friendly and knowledgeable building consultants will work closely with you to design a garage based on your unique requirements. Once you choose your design, we will start manufacturing your steel building as soon as possible. This way it can be delivered within the shortest possible time.

With Armstrong Steel, you don’t have to worry about our metal buildings and garages looking like they came from the same mold. We innovate on every project with an eye for detail and design improvement to deliver the right solution that fits your exact requirements. This means we build steel garages based on your desired size, shape, colors, and features.

Another great thing about building with our pre-engineered metal buildings and garages is they are easy to incorporate with almost any construction material. If you can picture a specific type or design for your garage, we can make it happen. In addition, our rigid-frame metal buildings are easier to insulate than wood-frame structures. This means you can comfortably work in your garage in any season while saving on cooling and heating costs.

We have versatile buildings.

Armstrong Steel metal buildings and garages feature the most versatile building systems that allow you to use our structures in many ways. Below are some ideas for using our structures:

Workshop or auto repair shops

Do you like to tinker with cars and equipment? Or perhaps you’re restoring vehicles to their former glory? We got you covered with our custom metal workshops. These buildings are perfect for hobbyists and businesses, and we can customize them with specific areas for metalworking, welding, and equipment storage. Plus, we offer plenty of color options, roof styles, architectural features, and ceiling heights to ensure a unique structure that suits your needs and tastes. We could also add spaces for an office or employee lounge.

Our customers love our metal buildings and garages as workshops because erecting them is usually three to five times quicker than traditional construction. Moreover, our clear-span designs allow them to make the structure more ideal to their requirements, even when they need to expand down the road.

Motor vehicle dealership

Armstrong Steel metal buildings and garages are also perfect for commercial applications, such as motor vehicle dealerships. And the best part is they are customizable and can grow with your business. We offer modular and clear-span designs with minimal to no interior columns and designs with larger sliding, rolling, or overhead doors. If you want to expand, our steel structures can accommodate many length and width extensions.


We also offer metal buildings and garages as hangars for aircraft. Allow our building experts to customize them to meet your specific needs. Besides ensuring the right shape and size, we offer metal airplane and helicopter hangar kits with custom aesthetics in case you need them to reflect your brand. Moreover, we can provide secure areas for storing tools and equipment, so you don’t have to build a separate building unless necessary.

Build your dream garage with us!

Our building experts are ready to answer your questions about our metal buildings and garages, so don’t think twice about calling 866-529-4568. We can also price your building online and provide an instant quote to help you see how much you’ll save when you build with our steel structures.