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Steel Buildings – By the Numbers

Steel Buildings – By the Numbers

Often times, people make most of their major purchasing decisions based on numbers. While words can be manipulated, statistics and figures present a bold, undeniable truth.

Why you set out to buy a building, first you want to distinguish which type of building you want. Steel buildings are the most versatile, flexible and durable structures on the planet. Don’t just trust my word on this. Take a look at the numbers.

50Years of Structural Warranty on every Armstrong Steel Building.

40 – Years of Wall Panel & Paint Warranty on every Armstrong Steel Building.

35 – Years of Roof Panel Warranty on every Armstrong Steel Building.

26 – Steel gauge (thickness) used in a steel building roofing system.

1 – inch thickness of mastic tape used to prevent leaks. Industry standard is usually 3/8’’.

3 – Steel building fire-rating class (incombustible). Class 1 buildings are considered the most combustible, like wood buildings, while class 6 buildings fall into the ‘least combustible’ category.

Steel buildings are known for their optimal use of materials. There is no residual waste on a pre-engineered steel building, and the steel is 100% recyclable. Builders consider steel to be the best “green” construction type for its energy efficiency, use of recycled material and conservation of natural resources. Again, check out the numbers.

80 million – tons of steel recycled each year in North America.

95 – Percentage of recycled water used for making steel in North America.

7.5 billion – amount invested by North American Steel companies for capital equipment, water control, air pollution and solid waste treatment since 1970.

120 – According to the University of Illinois, number of fully-grown trees needed to build a 2,400 square foot wood-framed home.

20 – Years it takes for a tree to be eligible for logging.

0 – Number of trees required to fabricate a steel building.

When you decide to buy a steel building, many of you might instantly look at price, and price alone. I don’t blame you, but you need to be aware of the hidden danger of the cheapest price. Also, I understand you deserve to shop around and make the best decision for you. But the steel building industry doesn’t publish a long list of prices like you’d see at Home Depot or your local hardware store. Many, if not all steel building suppliers will provide you with a steel building quote once you have submitted your information, proposed dimensions, zip code and specifications. Estimators take your figures, factor in snow, seismic, wind and collateral loads, find permitting information, and generate a quote based on the steel market. Since you’re looking for a custom steel building, you’ll receive a custom steel building price. This is a no-obligation request to satisfy the principles of structural engineering, keep you safe and eventually provide a personalized steel building. You want more numbers?

13.1 million – Total amount of identity fraud victims in the U.S. in 2013. Do business with a manufacturer that you trust!

6,000 – Average number of people that contact Armstrong Steel per month.

2 – Different purchase options – The Direct Buy program or Retail purchase option.

1State-of-the-art manufacturing facility, where your steel building will be fabricated.

When it’s time to schedule your steel building project for delivery, you’ll work with our shipping and logistics department and lay out a plan. We’ll look at the production schedule and reserve your trucking and freight. Is your job site ready for delivery? Are you taking advantages of the consolidated freight option? Do you have a forklift on site? Will you erect the building yourself? Here are a few numbers to consider when the building arrives at your site.

1 – Trucks necessary to deliver most steel building rigid frames.

2 – Number of times to do inventory on materials directly after taking delivery.

5-7 – Number of people recommended for steel building erection.

365 – Days Armstrong Steel is available to answer questions and help the first time builder achieve their steel building dreams.

Want more numbers? Check out additional articles on the Armstrong Steel Network, or talk to a Building Expert today.

*Statistics from the American Iron and Steel Institute were used in this article.

Photo courtesy: Thor