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Is Your Feed Store Running Out of Room?

Is Your Feed Store Running Out of Room?

Expansion is often equated with success. You hear it everywhere. Expansion could be called the American dream, and many singers and entertainers even emphasize they started from “the bottom.” Owning just one property isn’t enough to win Monopoly, is it? Start small, and with hard work, you’ll hopefully achieve your dream of being successful. Whether it’s a giant business in your hometown, or a red hotel on Boardwalk and Park Place, everybody will be able to see how successful you are by the growth and expansion you’ve made since the infancy of your company.

I’m sure your business probably started small. A few chicken coops for the farmers in your community, some pricey medicine, and a small feed storage area. Did you have a barn? What about a cramped building? Did you inherit the building from your family? Like any new venture, I’m sure there were some struggles, but eventually you started to turn a profit. The community saw you had good product and great customer service. In time, you gained the trust of the people in your area. With your profit, you bought more products. Some of the medicine helped save a few cows for a neighbor down the road. The feed you sold was rationed and ensured the survival of other farm animals when the snows hit. You added farm more supplies and feeders. The small wood building that houses you and your store is filling up fast. A higher demand requires a larger inventory. Does this sound like your situation?

At first, a smaller building wasn’t a big deal, but now you’re planning on expanding even further. Maybe you’ve become successful enough, you need to add a larger feed storage area to your store or your traditional timber building is run down and it’s more cost effective to expand with a new building. Let the expansion begin with a steel building.

Now that you’re ready to expand, you should do it properly. A steel building is an investment. I call it an investment because even though the upfront expense of a steel building might be more than a traditional timber building, you’ll see much for added benefits in the long run. Good investments pay off in the long run, don’t they?

photo (68)For example, a steel building is built to last. A quality steel building will come with a warranty that lasts multiple decades. Most, if not all, wood buildings will require some replacement in that amount of time. The longevity of a steel building could also increase your property value. Right now retirement seems like a long way away. but one day it will be a reality and should you choose to sell your building, that steel building will be in good shape and that means a higher value for your property.

Of course, construction time has the potential to delay your expansion and your success. When you purchase a steel building, any delays will typically be minimal. Steel buildings are delivered ready to assemble and can be assembled in days or weeks instead of months. Once your steel building is erected, you will be able to take advantage of all of the space that a rigid frame building provides. You’ll be able to use almost every inch of your building. There won’t be any poles or anything to navigate around, and should your feed store have the demand for larger farming equipment, you’ll typically have the ability to store it provided your building is large enough. Your steel building is secure enough to protect you from the onslaught of Mother Nature as well. Sun, wind, rain, fire, and insects are all deterred by the strength of steel.

14044808645_6496048366_mDon’t let the stereotypical image of a steel building deter you from building with steel. Advances in modern construction technology will help your store look the way you want it to look. All you have to do is speak with a project manager in the design process, and they’ll help you come up with your perfect design. Incorporating the proper aesthetics for you will brand your store and make it stand out for the right reasons.

Enjoy your success. You’ve earned it. Now you don’t have to think about future success, you can just experience it once it comes along.

Photo courtesy: US Department of Agriculture (2),